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International Day of Action For Rivers

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The International Day of Action For Rivers is observed annually on the 14th of March. It is a day that is dedicated to saving, celebrating, and creating awareness about the importance of rivers. Two million tons of sewage and industrial and agricultural waste are discharged into the world’s water every day. It is the equivalent of the weight of the entire human population of 6.8 billion people. This is why we have to save all the rivers for the betterment of humanity and nature.

According to the International Rivers organization, “the first International Meeting of People Impacted by Dams in March 1997 in Curitiba, Brazil approved the International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, Water, and Life”.

The ‘Day of Action for Rivers’ was declared on March 14th by river specialists from 20 countries. The goal of the participants was to join together against the degradation of rivers, other bodies of water, and ecologically sensitive watershed areas. This day brings people across the world together to talk about and save rivers by addressing the issues related to river management, river pollution, river conservation, etc.

The theme of the 2023 International Day of Action for Rivers is “Rights of Rivers,” which calls for the recognition of rivers as a national treasure. It also involves the legal authority to prevent rivers from becoming sewage or trash disposal areas.

Rivers are natural water bodies that add a lot of importance to the environment. But with the enhancing pollution and urbanization people neglect the importance of these water bodies and thoughtlessly pollute them.

But, what if the world gets deserted all of a sudden?

Then the cracks on the ground will witness the crime we did as humans by destroying these beautiful rivers.

Let’s exert our effort to protect rivers today!

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