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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

“Even today, in the 21st century, women and girls are being sidelined in science-related fields due to their gender. Women need to know that they have a place in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and that they have a right to share in scientific progress.”

             -Andrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General-

The world is moving its path ahead with the industrial revolutions and new technologies. It is really fascinating to see how the development has occurred throughout these years on the earth as it has caused to mould our lives so comfortable. Science and technology bring new spectacular dimensions before our eyes. The women and girls have the privilege and the right to distinguish their names on the new inventions nowadays.

11th of February is a tremendously important day for each and every woman and girl in the world. It is the international day of women and girls in science which is celebrated every year to embellish the importance and capabilities of women and girls on science. It represents the novel hopes and new prospects of innovativeness and the creativeness about science and technology. This day involves women and girls to express their enthusiastic thoughts about how they could contribute their effort and time towards  the betterment of the next generation on this planet.

Women and girls act a crucial role in the society. They reach their prowess in every facet to make the world a better place. Science and technology is not deeply touched by women and girls in the past centuries. We hear so many voices regarding gender discrimination and the gender inequality in the society. February 11 remarks to end the gender disparity faced by women and girls as well. They have the power to overcome the myths regarding their involvements towards science through their dedication and commitment by identifying the abilities and skills to empower women and girls on the basis of becoming the influencers on science and technology to another territory.

Over the years, Marie Curie was a great inspiration to women and girls to aspire their scientific dreams. The technology needs more capable and skilled labor regardless of gender and it is a superb way to uplift the blossoms of the future of earth. Most popularly, space exploration is one of the outstanding work to be done by the contribution of women and the girls these days. The knowledge could be achieved by anyone who is seeking it. This day highlights the prominence of the involvement of the women and girls in science to embark on an extraordinary expedition towards a marvelous future in the next generations. And of course, Army Cooper in Big Bang Theory proves it stunningly. Isn’t  she?

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