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World Environmental Health Day

Commemorating the love of nature.

The magnificent blue sky with the clouds decorating it during the day and the stars sparkling during the night, the gigantic ocean with wonderous mysteries yet to be discovered, the forests rich with diversity, the atmosphere which consists of the magic named oxygen sustaining life, water which is another unbelievable element nature…. So on goes this list nourishing our hearts, “what a splendid place for life!”

The Environment is the guardian of life providing all that is needed not only for humankind but also for all living beings on Earth. They say, ‘love is in the air’ and indeed yes, the love of nature towards living beings is in the air. But not only that, life is in water and crust, food is in the ground and that is everything we need to live! As science and technology are in the race of advancement the attention towards the environment is fading away, making it ‘sick.’ Environmental pollution is such a well-known and popular term due to the increase in such activities which pollute and harm the environment and also the significant negative impact that has been created upon nature thus slowly resulting towards the destruction of the earth we live on.

The World Environmental Health Day was established by the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) on the 26th of September 2011 with the aim of enhancing awareness of different issues surrounding environmental health. The theme for the World Environment Health Day for the year 2022 is “Strengthening Environmental Health Systems for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”. In order to celebrate this day, IFEH organizes various events with the association of other national organizations.

Now is the big question. “How can I myself alone keep the environment clean and healthy?”

Well, you know the answer! Just like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

YOU are the guardian, protector, and also the doctor of the environment. Keep the environment surrounding you, clean and healthy and then the world will change; transforming into a better place!

As humans who are living on this splendid and loving planet, let’s express our gratitude and love for the environment by regifting the care and affection that it gifts us!

Rtr. Rahma Zuhri

Senior Editor 2022-23

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