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International Energy Conservation Day

“Now is the perfect time for everyone to start becoming more energy efficient and doing their part to save our planet.” 

Once upon a time, there lived a great scientist who said “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” He is the most inspiring scientist in history. He failed 10,000 times but never gave up. He enjoyed it while he was on a mission to create something great. Failure was his success in his career of inventing the great invention “Light Bulb”. His sacrifice, sleepless nights and hard work is the only reason we are enjoying late-night parties. He is phenomenal for many other inventions as well such as electrical power systems, the phonograph, motion picture cameras, projectors and more. He is Thomas Alva Edison.

Great things take time and it takes plenty of time to conserve it. Efforts are to be appreciated and failures are to be motivated. He lived by the means of never giving up. His story and his creation inspired me to create a better future.Today we celebrate World Energy Conversation day, 14th December 2022. In simple terms, this day warns of the importance and the high scarcity of this resource called energy. The world population is currently 8 billion and it is still counting. In such a case can we fulfill the requirement of each and every individual? Can we assure that everyone has access to energy sources? Energy sources are basically of two forms which are renewable and non-renewable like gasoline, coal, nuclear, uranium, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydro and tidal. The world without energy is a world without oxygen which means people are so dependent on energy sources that improve and make their lives so easy. As humans it’s okay to be dependent, to forget, to make mistakes and to never say ” I love you earth”. Because when a human loves he tends to look after it more carefully than when he likes it. In this busy world, we don’t make time to tell our moms that we love them. Then, would we really have time to spare to mother express our love toward mother earth?

Make time to appreciate the beauty, the resources it provides us and the shelter it provides us. Aren’t we supposed to be grateful as humans for this wonderful world, the great creations of all time and the digitalized life we are having right now? Everything is basically energy. Energy is everywhere. It doesn’t have a form and that makes it more unique, making it evident that “most of the beautiful things in the world can’t be really seen.” I don’t mean it can be felt or tasted and don’t try testing how electricity feels

The world is moving towards a sustainable friendly environment where we preserve each and every element which enhances mankind. Energy is a prominent factor which humans have to take good care as the resources we use are scarce. Elon Musk, a well-known entrepreneur, is working towards energy conservation, and artificial intelligence and he is a great example for  his invention, the Tesla cars which use electricity and solar as energy sources for transportation. Such inventions, and creations are the future and the map to conserve energy. 

Never take things for granted and never hesitate to step forward to make things right. You are the only person who can create a difference. Begin small and the change will be unimaginable. 

“Converse energy for a better future!” 

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