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International Youth Day

Youth is the future of a nation; it represents the energy and pride of a country. Youth is a so-called era as it enlivens the progress of the community. The United Nations has designated the 12th of August as International Youth Day to remark the true essence of youthfulness.

A human being passes many facets on his life expedition. Each and every facet is unique and remarkable in its own manner. Childhood reminds us of some of our favourite captivating moments. By now, we have garlanded ourselves into youth. Youth is embedded with enthusiasm, curiosity and strength. The nation’s youth is the prowess of its development. Being in youth makes people see the world differently than elders do. Additionally, he possesses the dedication and commitment to change unchangeable matters into goodwill.

International Youth Day celebrates the youth’s ability to have a positive influence on others and it showcases the impact of youth to bring about change for a better world. This day significantly elaborates on important youth-related issues. It also discusses the advantages of being young and the challenges that the youth is currently facing during these critical times all over the world.

Mental awareness is a magnificent pathway for one’s lifestyle. The mentality of youth connects with many issues; peer pressure, social struggles, feelings of isolation, social media addiction, loss of pain etc. and these issues are addressed on this day. The solutions to the aforementioned problems as well as for how to maintain good mental health and how to face emotions are also being covered. Most importantly, this day sparkles on how youth make the world a splendid place for everyone, through their excellent qualities in leadership, task management, empathy, positivity and many other areas. 

United Nations declared International Youth Day to grab the attention of young people living in every corner of the globe. On this day, the focus is on the social impact of youth and the solutions that can be found while focusing on their personal improvement and development of skills. Youth is the future movement of a country and would undoubtedly be the world’s next generation of leaders. The focus on better education and recreational activities is emphasized on this day because they benefit in the moulding of a nation through the eyes of the young.

On International Youth Day it is encouraged to establish the upliftment of youth via social services. Being a young, healthy and enthusiastic person could change the direction of the world to a novel perspective. So, let’s cherish this day for the betterment of the society!

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