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IS Avenue Intrudes Hogwarts!

“The greatest legacy anyone can leave behind is to positively impact the lives of others.”

It was not only continuing the legacy of the International Service Avenue but also solidifying the first step towards a precious journey with the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya. Starting from the 25th of July, a few flyers were shared, arousing the curiosity of the International Service Avenue members. They were all themed around J.K. Rowling’s renowned Harry Potter School, Hogwarts, in order to impress the members with a novel reach. Thus, the first International Service Avenue Meeting for the term 22/23 was held on the 28th of July at 6.00 PM, marking the beginning of the International Service Avenue’s intrusion into an impressive year of the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya.

The objective of the meeting was to welcome the newbies to a spectacular year by introducing them to the International Service Avenue. Using the Hogwarts theme to creatively twist the plot, the informative session was conducted. Accordingly, the meeting was moderated by the outstanding Avenue Directors of the International Service Avenue, Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa and Rtr. Pinsari Jayasundara.  The president of the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya, Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda impressed the members with his speech and graced the event with his presence. Furthermore, the executive board members and the directors of other avenues were also present at the meeting. It’s great to mention that around 80 members of the International Service Avenue, including newbies and past Rotaractors, actively engaged throughout the session.

It was a great experience for the newbies to have the essence of the IS Avenue while simultaneously building relationships with the other members throughout this interactive sessions. Consequently, the meeting discussed the purpose of the International Service Avenue. Moreover, each member was drawn in by an engaging recap of the tasks that were planned over the previous term, which increased their desire to take on additional projects.

For a more interactive meeting, all the members were divided into four groups, like the houses in Harry Potter: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. They were given several tasks to be accomplished as a team. For the first task, all the team members had to take a creative screenshot and drop it into the IS Avenue main group. Then, as the second task, all the members were asked to put their own edited screenshots, sent by the two directors, into their WhatsApp status with an eye-catching caption. All of the members worked diligently to complete their jobs, and while they were working on them, two eminent members of the International Service Avenue provided entertainment for the members’ amusement with the beats of their melodious voices. Although the tasks were done to find a winning team, the main aim was to enhance the interaction between the members and create a pleasant platform for the newbies to build friendships within the Avenue.

The meeting was successfully concluded after 2 hours, with everyone’s good wishes. It is reasonable to assume that each new member was impressed by their first meeting, which marked the beginning of a magnificent adventure as a Rotaractor in which they would simultaneously serve the community and strive to become better versions of themselves. Thus, the curtain was drawn, engraving the strength in the hearts of the members to scroll towards a valuable journey ahead with RACUOK.

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