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E-Talk was a successful initiation by the International Service Avenue of RACUOK. The project was initiated intending to provide its registrants the best possible ways to harness and enhance their communication skills for the course of forging ahead in their personal life and career life.

The project marked its completion with two extremely knowledgeable sessions which have been conducted by articulate and erudite speakers who are practically virtuosos when it comes to the grounds of communication.

The project commenced with a session that was organized to disseminate the need for communication skills when it comes to both personal and career life. This session gave the registrants the true underlying reason behind being a competent English communicators.

The first session of the E-talk project was conducted by Rtr. IPP Priya Sri. R from the Rotaract Club of Coimbatore Spectrum which again strengthened the bond between the two Rotaract Clubs even more solidified. The session was held through Zoom on the 19th of March 2023. The participants of the session had certainly grasped a meticulous understanding of communication in general and the path that they should be treading toward carving the best communicator out of them. Also, the attendees not only were able to take the plunge to revamp their skills when it comes to the ground of communication but also were able to seize the opportunity to grab a tangible attestation of their newly gained skills, as there was a quiz to mark the end of the session and an e-certificate was awarded to the winner of that quiz.

After providing the initial steps of becoming the best communicator and guiding them on the path that should be traced to attain that goal, the project moved into its final session marking the end of the journey of guiding the undergraduates to carve the best communicator out of them.

So, the final session was held intending to enlighten the registrants about harnessing their English communication skills to merge as a revamped version of themselves internationally.

If you are craving to tread onto the international domain of your career or even your personal life, then you must inevitably deal with the English language to communicate. The reason for this is the nature of the English language which has surpassed the limits of being a mere language and transcended into a ubiquitous communication language that has pervaded beyond frontiers. So English is a universal way of communicating which we cannot belittle when it comes to international communication. This session which educated the attendees about the ways they harness English as an effective tool in international communication was held on the 23rd of March 2023 via Zoom and conducted by Dr. Christopher Haswell who works for Kyushu University in Japan as an Associate Professor. His field of expertise is International English which makes him the perfect instructor to guide to harness the English language to conquer the domain of international communication.

This session was even more erudite as it discussed the applications of the English language in the domain of international communication. The path of the English language evolving into a universal language to communicate, the strategies for the non-English communicators to catch up with the language in the most lucrative way to communicate in the highest articulate way possible, and a theoretical profiling on how English language inculcated dozens of different and vivid cultural norms from all around the globe into itself and still managed to retain its intrinsic identity as the language have been extensively discussed in this session. Therefore, the second session was more inclined toward the academic profile of the language. I hope this session undoubtedly spurred the registrants to delve into English not only as a mere communication tool but also as a distinct academic pathway.

E-Talk is a project that is indeed a memory that must be cherished and also an event that provisioned an avalanche of pristine and intricate knowledge about communication and more specifically the language of English.

As a witness who has been there from the inception of this massive project, E-talk, I believe that this is another triumphant initiative by the International Service avenue and had been an instrumental project for the undergraduates when it comes to the domain of articulate communication. Finally, I’m going to mark the end of this chronicle by wishing for more and more monumental projects like this one to be spawned by RACUOK relentlessly in the future as well.

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