It’s your life

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A lazy monday
I felt the pain,
The suffocation,
Of being alone,
Alone in a room,
Stuffed up with books,papers: Work.
I did not have a mirror
To look at myself.
To see how miserable I have become.
I am not happy
Gosh I agree!
Then why?

Why do we find happiness in suffocation?
“Let it go”, let everything go.
Grasp what’s yours….
It’s your life!
Eat up that junk food
which you missed out in decades!
Laugh like THE maniac you really are, in front of the people you don’t know!
Let them judge you, Show them How crazy you can be!
Wail! Mourn!
Get your “bluebird” out in the daytime from that cage in your body!
Open that room and stay with your loved ones.
If you can’t, then don’t!
Breathe. Freely.
Just have a life.

Tani Navodya Thilakaratne