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Anne Frank: My darling Anne

Anne Frank, the famous diarist from the  Holocaust (as we know) suddenly disappears from her hometown. Hannah Goslar in the loss of her friend immensely suffers in the war raging Frankfurt. It is her pain that prevails in the poem as the war brutally kept them apart, making Anna’s friendship an eternal remembrance to Hannah. 

My darling Anne……

It was Wednesday, I remember.

I knocked at your door

for scrumptious muffins

Your kitty’s endless meow pinched my heart,

As you never ever disappear without her.

Uncle Sam opened the door.

“She’s gone Girl” he said,

With tears in his eyes

In such a hurry,

I ran towards your chamber

With my legs, trembling with fear.

“Did they take you away, the Gestapo?

To the Jaws of death in Bergen-Belsen?”

The camp, where the destiny of all Jews lies.

I embraced your fragrance all over the place.

Hallucinated, by your charming giggles.

Your poupée was lying motionless on the couch.

Her undone hair was a mess.

Our Chinese damsel was stuck numb on the wall,

As she misses your mouthful of gossips.

My eyes stopped at the dining table

On a letter, addressed to ME!

To Hannah, it said.

Sorry couldn’t let you know

Heading towards Switzerland

My eyes did itch, as my tears were warm.

May God go with your family Anne I murmured.

But can you leave without a kiss,

Or at least a Goodbye?

I tried my best not to cry.

bit my lips hardly, till

The blood pops out through my veins.

Barbaric Germans! I cursed,

As loud as it could be.

Hugged kitty for one last time.

Promising myself,

No more muffins

till I see you alive

Stepped out of the house, motionless.

With a heartfelt whisper,

 May Jesus save you!

                        Your Hannah..

~Rtr. Sarani Halloluwa

Avenue of International Service

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