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Just like me

Sitting on the edge

Staring into infinity,

Feeling the silence broken – at an instance

Tiny waves acquainting a cooling splash

Approaching towards my submerged feet,

Only to be ended in a circled clash….

Uttering-not a single word

Return backwards

To the opposite river banks,

Where the white sky clouds wait….

‘Was I unwelcoming?’

Questioned myself with a puzzled gaze

A journey towards the other end

Across dark deep waters

All by yourself

Having no one to accompany

Only to clash again at an edge

  Still creating magical patterns…

 ‘Tiresome is it?’ I should have asked,

Only to be at the giving end….

Didn’t anybody hear you out until the end? 

Not at least once?

Pondered me, with guilt…..

An overflowing lake

Yet, with unbearably subtle silence

Maybe all alone,

Just like me…….

~Rtr.Yashodya Bandaranayake

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