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Medi-Care, an endeavor to care

Hospitals, medicine, vaccines and many other elements that comes into your head when you recall ‘Disease prevention and treatment” are all indeed magical portions that cure humans from unfavorable reactions of the body and doctors and staff are the wizards who cast theses spells in the medical land. But beyond all of this shines another important element like the sun that shines upon, and that is ‘care and affection’.

Therefore, team Seekers began the endeavor of addressing the third SDG goal which is disease prevention and treatment after the organizing committee was appointed officially on the 24th January 2022. After the team was allocated the topic there were many suggestions that were put forward and upon successful discussion with the team, “Medi-Care” was decided as the project name.

Project Medi-Care was initiated under three phases which phase one was conducted via a virtual platform and phase two and phase three were conducted physically. Each and every phase assured that it addressed the ultimate objective of ‘disease prevention and treatment’.

Phase one of the project was a virtual flyer campaign named as the “Medi-Care Knowledge Book” through which a series of flyers were published to raise awareness and spread knowledge among the community. The flyer campaign covered different aspects of health and treatment including basic treatment knowledge, history of medical science, health facts, healthy practices to be followed, world news about the medical sector. The team published five flyers mentioning one fact in each in a creative and precise way in order to grab the attention of viewers and provide awareness effectively. In addition to that the team created their social media pages and a blog as well which was nourished with information and knowledge about various diseases. After a series of awareness flyers, the Medi-Care knowledge book came to an end.

The main focus of Medi-Care was ‘first aid’ as it was a preliminary aspect of disease prevention and treatment. Accordingly, the phase two which was “Medi-Care Visit to Care”. The organizing committee worked towards presenting essential first aid materials for children in need by collecting donations, deciding a venue etc. And as a result the phase two was a visit to the Lawry’s Children’s Home- Colombo where the organizing committee donated essential first aid materials and also a first aid box to the home on the 18th of April 2022. With the successful accomplishment of phase two the phase three was initiated on the same day and was conducted for two consecutive days.

The phase three of project Medi-Care was a ‘Poster Distribution Campaign’ where posters about communicable diseases, health practices etc. were distributed among schools on the 18th of April 2022 and on the 19th of April 2022. Education is indeed a long term factor that the benefits can be gained even after years. Therefore, the team took actions to enhance the knowledge of school event through attractive and comprehensive posters that would enlighten the knowledge of students and also adults.

Finally, upon thanking all the sponsors, supporters and everyone who joined hands to script the book of project Medi-Care with a successful ending the project was concluded. All three chapters of the project which were executed in different dimensions reached the same destination of highlighting the SDG goal ‘disease prevention and treatment’.

~ Written by: Rtr. Rahma Zuhri ~

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