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Project SLMade

SLMade is a project of the project series of Rota Tomorrow 2.0 organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya.  Giving strength and support to small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs to grow their business through a virtual platform is the main purpose of our project. SLMade, in this way, is a website created by our team, Altera Rotaractors, to achieve the aforementioned objective.

The project is designed under the theme of Innovation and Infrastructure. Small scale business entrepreneurs add a remarkable value to the overall growth of infrastructure of a country, often in an indistinguishable manner: their contribution towards the progress of the country is sincerely felt only by a minority. Thus, their skills, abilities and creativity are not given the proper attention. Furthermore, the pandemic struck the country’s economy to the worst, making especially them go through a perfect storm in their livelihood. In this context, Altera Rotaractors chose those self-employed labor forces to be encouraged and guided towards a better future.  

This community’s immediate need was felt by all of our team members. Hence, our primary goal was to support native Sri Lankan small and medium-sized business owners, who are especially from remote areas with a limited knowledge of the modern technology and whose lives solely depend on their businesses. We explained to them the value of their products. Then we made them aware of the modern technology where they were going to showcase their products. Further, they were educated on how a virtual platform could assist their businesses and how they could reach international customers to develop their enterprises before bringing them to market their products via an online platform.

The ultimate outcome of our project includes the SLMade website, as well as Facebook and Instagram sites for SMEs. As we expected, we hope our project, SLMade, will contribute to developing the local economy because of the betterment of the SMEs.

Both during and aftermath of the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, people have been undergoing so many economic challenges. In Sri Lanka, the economic crisis reached its peak recently. Small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs are the ones who were negatively impacted most by this drastic effect of the pandemic. Thus, our project, SLMade came into light with the intention of adding softness to the hard conditions of the lives of small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs.

Written by Rtr. Nuzha Farook

Design : Rtr. Prabhavi Hettiarachchi

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