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Misery Mixed Delight

It was started on a day in March

After several days of postponement

Arousing the hearts of all

However it came…

Waving the hands, wearing a smile

Irrespective of letting them part

Even just for a several days

Were the parents, at the hostel gates

Eradicating the silence existed

Were heard chit chats all over

Along with giggles everywhere

Unexpectedly came to an end

Absolutely soon was that!

Later on… it ran thus;

It’s time to submit this

It’s time to submit that

Join the lecture, it’s the time

Too sad to say; That’s all we had!

WhatsApp groups for this and that

Were made with ones never known!

Without knowing anything

Told the mind …always

“How can friendships be made?”

All in all in the end

Obvious is that

Our own uni life is

Truly a Misery Mixed Delight!

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