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Monthly Update – November 2021

The month of November for the term 2021-22 was a busy time period for RACUOK with many outstanding projects in motion while striving to serve the community in every way possible. Project ‘Little Hands’ by the Community Service Avenue, Project ‘Athena’ by the International Service Avenue, Project ‘View me’ by the Professional Development avenue, phase 3 of ‘Avoid delta’ by the Member Relations team and   ‘TogetherSL’ by the Club Relations team along with many more outstanding activities by the Editorial team, the Public Relations team and the Digital Media team filled the RACUOK calendar for the month of November with the an enormous spirit and hard work.

The month was significantly celebrative for the International Service Avenue as the Magazine Athena was successfully launched on the 12th of November followed by the handing over of its first copy to the Vice chancellor of University of Kelaniya, Senior Prof. Nilanthi De Silva on the 11th of November creating two reminiscing days for the RACUOK. The launching ceremony of the magazine was held gloriously on a virtual platform with the guest appearance of Ms. Arouba Khabir Pathan, Ms.Bernadine Jayasinghe, Mr.Dushyantha Weeraman as the First, Second and third panellists in order for the event. The International Service Avenue continued the promotions for the magazine throughout the month bringing splendid articles in the magazine written mostly by our own rotaractors to the limelight.

The Professional Development Avenue continued the second phase of the project ‘View me’ providing a real life interview experience to some of the undergraduates from  universities all over the island, giving the opportunity to face and receive feedback from the  interview panel which consisted of professionals in relevant fields of their studies. With that purpose, model interviews for the job roles of Management Trainee, Data Analyst, Chemist and Biologist took place virtually on the 27th of November giving all the participants a valuable impact and a breakthrough for their career lives.

The phase 1 of project ‘Little Hands’ by the Community Service Avenue took place during the time period of 1st of November to the 26th of November, under the project ‘Stop The Spread-Beyond Covid 19’ which was initiated by  Rotaract in Rotary District 3220. The main purpose of the project ‘Little Hands’ was to assist the effort of reopening the schools closed due to the pandemic by supplying necessary health care equipments as well as to encourage students to attend school regularly by distributing small gifts. The first phase of the project was concluded successfully on the 26th of November at St. Mary’s College, Katukurunda while adhering to the Covid -19 health guidelines. 

The Editorial Team continued the special day article series covering all the special days of remembrance throughout the month of November providing all the captions and translations along side.  And two new sections describing the Rotary Focus Areas and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations were freshly added to the Blog by the Editorial Team widening the areas covered by the RACUOK blog for the knowledge of all the members.

The Club Relations team in collaboration with 11 other Rotaract clubs in the area under the guidance of the District worked for the project TogetherSL with the aim of making the Negombo lagoon area a cleaner place by installing dustbins where necessary. A group which consisted of members from the Club Relations team visited the Negombo lagoon area in November as the first initiative of the project.

Along with all these wonderful projects, the contest for the  most popular category ‘What If’ short story competition was introduced from the 23rd to 25th of November. ‘What if’ is a novel approach towards creative short story writing where writers were given a wonderful opportunity to run freely with their boundless imagination creating alternate situations or a new dimension to a story they already knew.  This brought a huge inspiration among the aspiring young writers.

The Public Relations team recruited the 2nd group of social media admins and agents handing over the duties to the new Rotaractors.

The Digital Media team continued its fantabulous work with overviewing all the promotional flyers as well as videos related to each and every project and continued the creation all the club related flyers including Birthday flyers, Special Day flyers and Members of the Month flyers as well.

The Member Relations team successfully concluded the phase 3 of avoidelta project By renovating and providing necessary assistance to the regional maternity clinic along with the distribution of maternity items to selected set of mothers who were in need. A total of 170,000 rupees worth items were distributed with a huge monetary support from the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown with a Donation of 100,000/=  and also a  sum of 70000/= was acquired through the immense effort of the organizing committee.

The General Meeting for the month of November was held on the 30th of November with the participation of many members of the club and the Members of the Month, Directors of the Month, Avenues of the Month along with the Team Leaders and the Most Enthusiastic Members of the Month were announced celebrating all the hard work and effort put in towards the betterment of the club.

~Written by : Rtr.Madhavi Athulathmudali Rtr.Vishwanee Alahakoon ~

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