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Monthly Update – October 2021

The month of October for the term 2021-22 scripted another momentous page in the grand volume of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya with a number of remarkable projects. The avenues actively performed in remarking successful project outcomes based on vivid sectors. The Community Service Avenue, Club Service Avenue, International Service Avenue and Professional Development Avenue covered fabulous projects adding immense value to the month.

The Community Service Avenue stepped into the month of October with project ‘HearMe’ which aimed in supporting the healing process of minds that were struck with depression, anxiety and psychological stress related disorders with a series of sessions conducted by professionals in addressing the topics depression, addiction, harassment and personality development. Five sessions were conducted this month in addition to the sessions conducted previously accommodating personality related obstacles and self-development.

The Club Service Avenue organized the most remarkable event in the Rotaract calendar of the year, the ‘12th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract term 2021-22’, which was an important milestone of our club. This was streamed as a Facebook live event, via a virtual platform remarking a triumphant journey.

Project ‘Athena’ which represents the power of the International Service Avenue took their second step by launching their event and continued their PR campaign by sharing flyers and videos. 

The dual projects organized by the Professional Development Avenue aimed in guiding individuals to succeed in their future career life. Project ‘Overcome’ included a series of four webinars conducted by professionals discussing different and important areas that should be paid vital attention to, when entering into the corporate world including soft skills development for career success, e-mail drafting and Excel and  enhance the career life. Their second project, ‘ViewMe’ was an innovative initiative done to provide undergraduates with a simulated interview experience which was conducted succeeding the two webinars in support to facing the interviews. The Professional Development Avenue also conducted the project ‘Get in LinkedIn’ jointly with the Rotaract Club of Colombo North which aimed in educating individuals on how to create and maintain a professional LinkedIn account to build a personal brand in the corporate sector.

The Editorial team too stepped into the month of October with many initiatives. The official blog site of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya was completely redesigned with the technical assistance of the IT team providing a distinguished outcome by adding in several new elements such as rebuilding the home page of the Blog, segregated introduction of the avenues and the element name RACUOK & I. Moreover another interesting addition to the blog where the descriptions of the Board of Directors in parallel to the installation which was systematically updated with the assistance of the IT and Digital Media teams.

The Club Relations team had their plannings done regarding the cluster project ‘Together Sri Lanka’, which is to be organized along with eleven Rotaract clubs lead by the District. The team visited the Negombo lagoon as a part of the planning process which was the ‘TSL visit’ and also preparation of the assigned tasks to the club.

The Public Relations team took a marvelous step by introducing TikTok to the club and they also released the first two videos featuring our Board of Directors.




The month of October turned out to be a radiant month with the amazing flyers of the Digital media team as usual. The birthday flyers, special day flyers, member of the month flyers and project flyers were designed throughout the month and also all the PR materials of the projects were checked through the team. The contribution of the team towards the installation flyers and videos was also a remarkable effort.

The Member relations team finalized the official reports of membership recruitment during the month. And they started the process of collecting donations for the project of ‘Avoidelta’ phase 3.

The Monthly General Meeting of RACUOK for the month of October was held on 29.10.2021. The Board of Directors shared insightful views about the ongoing processes and other important messages with the members during the meeting. Finally the meeting was concluded with the most awaited moment of announcing the Directors of the month, Members of the month, Most enthusiastic Members of the month and also the  declaration of the most outstanding avenue for the month of September.

The month of October came to an end, paving a new path for the month of November, filling up the pages of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya remarking the tremendous efforts, contributions, commitment and innovations enhancing another successful month in the Rotaract calendar. 

~ Written by : Rtr. Rahma Zuhri & Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon ~

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