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Positivity Vs Reality

The moon is bright at night like a fairy,

But when it hides, the night is scary…

Think of a bright day that is shiny,

But then it might be gloomy, muddy and rainy…


‘Optimism’ is a fabulous way to think,

But the world we live changes in a blink…

There’s a little unpredictable mind game,

Think wise; don’t be trapped in the frame!


Always analyze the plus and minus,

And be timelines realism genius!

Understand the probability of reality,

And life will not ask you to pay any penalty!


Dear Readers,

‘Expect the unexpected’ is a famous line we all forget to bound to. Change is always on its way to surprise you and me. Yet are we ready?

Always think positive and share the magical vibe of joyous thoughts. But it’s never too much to observe, think and analyze all possibilities that may occur when planning ahead. Everything doesn’t have to go our way; life is full of suspense and ‘what next’s. Sometimes our plans go another way, a better way, or maybe the best way! All you have to do is simply, Expect the unexpected! It can be sunny or rainy, fairy or scary, yes or no, now or never. Be prepared and live life to the fullest, embracing every moment. There is always a silver line in every dark cloud, you may not see it because of the dark filter you have on. Remove the darkened filter and look. 

Positivity may be far from Reality, but you do inherit the prowess to cherish Reality with positivity. Always analyze the pros and cons and go ahead with your journey, there is no turning back they say but there’s always a second chance! How confusing is the theory of life! Be you and never tie yourself to the rock of regret as it will drown you in the sea of despair and misery. 

Think of a bright day that is shiny,

But then it might be gloomy, muddy and rainy…


If it’s sunny shine with the rays and if it’s rainy jump in the puddle with laughter. Every this and that always has the hidden exultation we miss noticing. You are penning down every moment of your book of life. Make sure to fill it with loads of twists and turns.

Let’s make it an enthralling adventure, shall we?

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    Very well said❤️💯

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