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Project ‘TEETOTAL’ – Say no to drugs!

Do you agree with the above statement? If yes, we are glad of you. Y nots, Team 07 of Rota Tomorrow 2.0 project of Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya embarked on a trek to seek a way of drugs free youth in the community. The project Teetotal appeared on the screen with an out of the ordinary facet of an innovative perspective to deeply think of the drug prevention and rehabilitation differently. The project consisted of highly impactful three phases. The co- chairs, Rtr. Nimesh Dilhan and Rtr. Maryam Mahas along with the organizing committee brought a social matter into light in a vivid manner.

Drug addiction is a vastly faced issue in Sri Lanka. We have heard several voices and stories regarding this prevailing matter. Drugs are poisons. They kill your mentality. They influence your daily routine. They make your appearance unattractive. Y-nots team considered this as a massive problematic issue as it directly influences on the future of the country as well. It’s easier to prevent anything before you get addicted to it. Teetotal was conducted by 3 phases for school level and community level because of it.

The first phase of the project intended as a social media campaign. The eye-catchy flyers with informative captions regarding drug prevention and rehabilitation grabbed the attention of the community and the social media users. The flyers were shared on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of Teetotal. The official blog page of the project depicted the blog articles written by our very own Rotaractors on drug prevention and rehabilitation. The testimony of a drug-addicted person was included to exhibit the consequences of drug addiction. It illuminates the way how he has overcome the battle against drugs and how he does get his own prestige back by saying no to drugs by action. It expounds us that if the mentality is powerful, anyone could succeed in any struggle. And, the second phase of Teetotal came into reality on the 18th of April 2022 in the stage, school level. It was an insightful sticker campaign targeting more than 14,600 pupils in five selected schools. The stickers have displayed the harmfulness of these lethal weapons. The appealing stickers showcased the appalling dangers of drugs for schools pupils.

The third phase was a factual physical session conducted by ADIC Sri Lanka on the 19th of April 2022. It wasn’t a conservative one. It was an interactive session which could discuss each and every participants’  opinions and listen to other voices. The attendees were enthusiastic to involve in the discussion. The attendees were encouraged by Mr,Pubudu, the director of ADIC Sri Lanka to be the next generation of leaders of drug prevention and rehabilitation in the community. Mr. Ruchira and Mr. Mohomad highlighted that getting prevented is more impactful before the addiction. The attendees of the third phase of Teetotal were educated to empower youth against drugs thanks to the huge support and guidance of ADIC Sri Lanka.

The project Teetotal has markedly awaken the topic, drug prevention and rehabilitation while elaborating the Rotaract vision into a delightful reality.

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