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Rotaract Journey of Rtr. Samadi Perera

A Journey of Growth and Learning

My journey with Rotaract began in June 2021, and little did I know that I would be the person that I am today. I remember the reason why I joined the Rotaract Club was because of my brother. He was active in another club at his university, and I wanted to do something extra than my academics but something that was not what my brother was doing. I had not heard about Rotaract through him, and that was the main reason to join Rotaract. Little did I know that it was the start of a remarkable journey full of learning curves, fellowships, and memories.

The first project I worked on was Project Overcome, and I was the chair for that project. I can still remember we used to have meetings for more than 5 hours. After we were done with planning the meeting and all, we used to be chatting for hours. Our Professional Development Director during the term 2021-22, Rtr. Dushyantha Rathnayaka was one of the reasons that I felt motivated and loved for this movement. The way he built the friendships, organized and led us, and also made sure we would have fun was something that I am eternally grateful for. I also worked on the projects ViewMe, Spectrum, and RotatTomorrow 3.0 during my first year in Rotaract, and special thanks should be given to Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake, our president for the term 2021-22. He was the perfect role model for me, the way he interacted with the members, and how he handled a problem or a concern. He showed empathy and great leadership qualities that one would need in life, and he never forgets to appreciate the people who are working hard.

Then I started the journey as one of the Vice Presidents of our club for the term 2022-23. There are so many things that I learned throughout this journey, and there are so many special people that I have met and so many friendships that were formed. Most importantly, if I’m going to talk about my self-growth, I can’t identify whether this is the same person I was during my school days. During school times, my vision was quite narrow and restricted, but now it’s wider than a spectrum, and I would go towards all my goals and dreams. Also, now I’m able to do a speech in front of an audience without any sort of fear because of all the learning curves.

I also want to give special thanks to Kisal ayya, Dushyantha ayya, Manula ayya, Verosha akka, and all the other colleagues and friends who were always with me throughout this journey. I’m grateful and honored that I got an opportunity like this.

Rotaract has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual, develop leadership skills, and give back to the community. Being part of a global network of young professionals has opened doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and relationships. I have learned that leadership is not just about leading a team, but it’s also about serving others, being empathetic, and being a good listener. Rotaract has taught me the importance of teamwork, communication, and accountability, which are skills that I can use in my personal and professional life.

 In conclusion, my Rotaract journey has been one of the most remarkable experiences in my life so far. I joined the Rotaract club for a simple reason, but it turned out to be a life-changing decision that led me to meet incredible people, learn new skills, and make lifelong friendships. Through my Rotaract journey, I have worked on various projects, taken on leadership roles, and experienced personal growth that I never thought was possible. It has not only been a journey but a road to make lifelong friendships, and connections, and build a foundation for my future career goals. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing movement, and I look forward to the opportunities that the future holds for me, both within and beyond Rotaract, and I am excited to continue to grow and develop as a person and as a leader.

Rtr. Samadi Perera

Vice President (2022-23)

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