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Rotaract Journey of Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon

In 2021, while I was in my first year in the university, the journey that narrates thousands of untold stories in my life began. Project ‘Jingle Melodies’ was the first experience I had when I was a prospect member. Being a prospect member greatly inspired me to begin my Rotaract adventure. Although it was a virtual platform, it provided me with a new beginning. It’s my pleasure to participate in that project as a contestant and a winner in the most popular category under the category of carol singing.

In 2021, I became a Rotaractor and began my Rotaract journey. I was able to make lifelong memories and experience as a club service member, which helped shape who I am now. The installation ceremony for the period 21.22 served as the first project under the club service avenue, which marked the beginning of the voyage. It was originally intended to be physically held, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was instead conducted via an internet platform. Despite the fact that we were unable to meet, I had an unforgettable encounter.

Since installation had been delayed for some time, ‘Rota Sonduru Sajje’ was my first involvement with the organizing committee. I contributed as the Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator of that project. Further, it was a great opportunity for me to showcase my singing talent as a Rotaractor although it was held via a virtual platform with the participation of celebrities as well.

After much commotion, it is decided to hold installation via a virtual platform. I could contribute to that amazing event as an organizing committee member. I was a part of technical teams, namely Editorial, Public Relations and Club Relations. I worked as a PR Coordinator of the Public Relations Team representing Club Service Avenue. The editorial team is where I could achieve another accomplishment in my Rotaract journey. I found that leading the Editorial Team provided a different experience from my typical Rotaract journey. When the time had passed, I had already begun to miss the fun I had with my friends and had decided to join another Organizing Committee of Club Service Avenue. I performed as a PR Coordinator of project Kri Kringle, which gave us not just project experience but also lifelong friendships filled with joy, laughter, and love. I had the opportunity to serve as a Team Leader of the Rota Tomorrow Organizing Committee. Rota Tomorrow is the largest project initiated by Member Relations Avenue that includes ten sub-projects under the ten teams, including all the members in RACUOK. I could guide team Inspiro under the category of the terrestrial ecosystem. It was the first physical experience I’ve ever had in Rotaract. As it was held in a children’s house, it was not just to cover the project. More than covering the project, we could offer smiles to those kids who were in the Lurdu children’s house in Kurunegala. It was a pleasant and funny experience with our coolest organizing committee.

After our projects were done, I had to get back to the work of Rota Tomorrow as I am from Rota Tomorrow Organizing Committee. It gave me another experience being in one OC and guiding another OC and Team simultaneously. The Rota Tomorrow award ceremony has finally taken place. We could get an award for the best administrative project. I felt honored to state that my effort as a Team Leader had been valued. Finally, it ended my first chapter in the Rotaract journey with new hope. I am so grateful to be elected as a Co-Director of Club Service Avenue. Since the Club Service is the foundation of the club, I have always had an enormous responsibility. After being appointed as a Club Service Director, the first task I had to fulfill was to take responsibility for the charter day, which happened along with the rota tomorrow award ceremony. Moreover, after the member recruitment Club Service got the responsibility of Induction, where the new Rotaractors get to know all the details about Rotaract. It could be done with great success. Arranging Monthly General Meetings is the main responsibility of the Club Service Avenue. We must carry it out.

The first step we have taken in our Rotaract ladder for the RI Year 22-23 is the Installation ceremony, where all the executive board and board of directors are recognized as the board members. Thanks to the members of the organizing committee’s hard work and dedication, it was a magnificent day full of pride. We planned a day out with a photo shoot for all the board members prior to the installation ceremony. Some of us first met there, and forged wonderful bonds with one another. ‘Chriztinzel’, the Christmas project is continuously done by Club Service Avenue and was held in December for the current RI Year. It was a wonderful evening filled with much happiness and fun. There were so many events, including Secret Santa, Best Chriztinzel Couple, Santa Clause, secret gift exchange in collaboration with Public Relations Avenue and so on. I felt extremely fortunate to have a Co-Director and Vice President president in addition to a supportive organizing committee and Team Leaders.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John Maxwell

As leadership is a crucial thing in our daily lives, we had an aspiration to initiate a project to enhance the leadership skills of Rotaractors. Club Service stepped forward to offer that opportunity to Rotaractors while they are undergraduates and strive to be in the future. This project is still ongoing with the commitment of organizing committee members.

I was lucky enough to be a part of Rota Tomorrow for the second time as a mentor of team Tritons. We had to discuss maternity and child health at this time. Project ‘Mathru’ is initiated to empower pregnant mothers by providing necessary facilities to the selected maternal clinic of Muwanhela Rural Hospital. It was a different experience for pregnant mothers.

Rotaract is not just a club.  It is a home where I could find beautiful people who feel like my second family. The memories we have earned together will remain forever. In a sense, one of the memorable days was a board trip that helped us to have unconditional delight, laughter, and lifelong memories. I was fortunate to meet two club service families from two RI years.

Rotaract did not just give me friendships, ties and happiness. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and assess my potential as a prospector, member, Team Leader and Director. Rotaract gave me the platform to showcase my talents. As a team leader of Editorial Avenue, I got exposure to working as an editor. I could climb up the ladder to another step as a director, which was given me a huge responsibility with 130+ memberships from all the faculties. Although I had to face many challenges, it was not difficult for me to go over those difficulties with the help of my peers. Rotaract taught me how to keep my strength in a stormy and dark time. That is why I’m grateful to be a Rotaractor. I could recognize the hidden leader within myself. Also, I’m blessed to have a supportive Co-Director and my TLs and VP. They were my strength when I’m doing my role as a Director. The memories we have earned together will remain forever. In a sense, one of the memorable days was a board trip that helped us to have unconditional delight, laughter, and lifelong memories. 

The one lesson I have learned from the challenges is that no one can bring you down if you have courage and love for what you are pursuing. Go forth and have confidence in yourself. The only happiness you can obtain from your life is succeeding despite taking all the risks. Do not hesitate to seize possibilities while being aware of your capabilities. You’ll receive the most beautiful, untold story as the final output.

Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon

Co-Director – Club Service Avenue (2022-23)

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