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Celebrating the Roatarct vibe and bond!

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”

-Nina Dobrev-

The Member Relations Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya did make this statement a reality. The wonderful Funday did touch the hearts of every member creating a lovely bond and reminding them that the club isn’t just a place to volunteer but a place where you can also be a part of a huge family and develop as a person. 

This massive initiative of strengthening member relations was titled “RotaRomp’22”. RotaRomp’22 was conducted with the objective of enhancing member engagement, improving member enthusiasm, providing members with an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills, attracting non-Rotaractors to the movement, promoting the club’s social media pages, etc. RotaRomp’22 was themed with the concept of minions and the event was filled with yellow which reminds the smiley face emoji. The funday was held on the 19th of November 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Cyber ground of the University of Kelaniya. 

The wonderful Saturday was filled with entertainment and skill-analyzing games for the Rotaractors of RACUOK. The day was initiated with the welcome speech by Rtr. Yashodha Weerasekara. Following this, the organizing committee divided the participants into three groups. The three teams were told to come up with a team name, flag, cheer and each team has to upload a group picture of the team to one of the member’s Instagram account and tag the official Instagram page of RACUOK. The three teams came up with fascinating names and calls. Team Tinder, had their call as “Come on Dany”, Team Aiyo Sami, had their call as “Aiyo Sami” and finally, Team Shaka Boom’s call was “Shaka Shaka Shaka Boom”. Then, the entertainment started with icebreakers to improve the interaction among teammates. Meanwhile, each team was given an egg and the task was to safeguard it from other teams whereas the teams were supposed to break the opponents’ egg. Once the icebreakers are done next on was the main games. 

The organizing crew had 9 games up their sleeve and they started off with the “Lava Walk”. Elaborating on Lava Walk, the game was a team game where each team was given 5 to 6 pieces of hardboard. Each team had to cross the lava while maintaining contact with the board, a step out of the board would lead to the removal of each board respectively. Some of the team members were required to disguise themselves as children, blindfolded people and elderly people who has to be taken to the other end safely. The team who takes everyone safely across the Lava will eventually be the winner. Accordingly, Team Tinder was titled the winner of the Lava Walk. All three teams performed well and each member trusted their mates and crossed the lava successfully. 

Afterward, the next game began, and this was titled “Balloon Caterpillar”. Balloon Caterpillar is also a game that focused on how team members understand each other and maintain proper coordination throughout the game. The team members were given balloons and the members had to keep the balloon in between each member and walk towards the finish line with proper coordination. The game turned out to be fun and a lot of fun-filled miscoordinations happened in the beginning but eventually, the teams figured out ways to tactically overcome and Team Shaka Boom became the winners of the Balloon Caterpillar. 

With that fun ending, the crew moved on to the next game named “Fill the Bottle”. ‘Fill the bottle’ was also a teamwork that tested the patience and the ability to handle tasks. ‘Fill the bottle’ was in two ways. At first, the team was given cups where they had to sit one behind the other and they had to pass the water over the head using the cup given to each member. The first person seated in the row will get the water from a person who has to run to the water which was kept in the center and he/she has to fill his/her cup and then run back to the team and pour it into the cup of the member seated in front and fill the bottle at the end of the line passing it over their head. Second, the same task was held but without cups, the team had to stand in a row to pass the water using their hands. Both the games emphasized the fact that smart work and patience is very much needed to complete a task successfully. Team Tinder proved their worth of the title winners in this game. 

Then, a well-known game was introduced soon after the play with the water. This game was called the “Three legs rule”. “Three legs rule” is a three-legged race, which was a pair game any two members can participate from the teams.  The game rules are one of both members will be tied to their partner’s leg. This game basically tested the ability to work accordingly with a partner and have a common goal. Team Shaka Boom secured their position as the title winners of the Three legs Rule. 

The crew paused the games for a lunch break…

Up next was the hunt which was the highlight of the day. “Treasure Hunt”, is a team game where the teams had to find the treasure hidden in the university premises. The directions to the treasure were provided as clues which were hidden in different locations and the teams were given clues regarding the locations to follow up. This game basically aimed to develop teamwork skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills and triggered the fellowship, engagement and enthusiasm of the members. Team Tinder they weren’t only winning by luck but with the mind, yes! they found the treasure of the evening and were leading in scores. 

When there’s a fun day and when there are teams it’s always fun to know who is the strongest (wink). A traditional game was infused into RotaRomp which made the Funday even more entertaining. Quite a suspense right, it’s the “Tug of War”. Talking about the cheer and live commentary, it was indeed enjoyable and it added more spice to the day. The Tug of War, it is always a split seconds game. The teams were given the opportunity to select a piece of paper out of three and the team which got the paper with a star on it goes to the final and the lucky Team was Team Shaka Boom. Team Tinder had to face Team Aiyo Sami and Team Tinder defeated Team Aiyo Sami and had to face Team Shaka Boom in the finals. Team Tinder showed that they are mighty as ever and defeated Team Shaka Boom and became the winners of Tug of War. The next game emphasized the fact that communication is a basic skill which is very vital among each and every individual to give out the best outcomes. This game focused on the communication skills of the members in a very entertaining way. In the “Communication challenge”, the team will be given a set of moves which each team member has to pass it on to the next one in the row. The only condition is when a person is passing on the steps to a member others aren’t allowed to see and only when he /she gets the chance he/she will be able to. Each time a person passed the steps, one or two steps were altered and miscommunicated and the final outcome wasn’t the one given at the beginning. After some dance moves people were really hyped up for more games and then comes the පැණි බඹ්රේ which really made everyone fall in love, no! not in love but on the ground. Yes, the whole team was in a territory and each participant should run to the marked point where a pole is placed and rotate around the pole keeping their forehead on it and then run back to the territory. This was so confusing that sometimes I feel dizzy just looking at the players who play it. Team Shaka Boom performed extremely well and won the game. 

All the analyzing games were done and finally, the time has come to reveal the amazing personalities in the club. This was a fashion show infused with a walk and it was named “Cat Walk”. This was a random and entertaining game open to all individuals. People had to walk in their own unique style. Everyone was super cool, all because they are Rotaractors of University of Kelaniya. All the games were done, and people were super tired but still excited for more entertainment. 

RotaRomp did appreciate the lovely hard work of teams in participating in the games. The most outstanding team of the day was none other than “Team Tinder”. The team was given a small gift for its victory. Tremendous effort was put in by each and every team. With all the appreciation and gifts, it was time for the Thank you speech which was done by Rtr. Hashan Koonara. He did mention how amazing the day was and how each and everyone enjoyed it. The objectives were achieved and members really felt like home at the end of the day. Even though officially the day ended with a speech. It didn’t. The DJ was played for an hour and the Funday came to a great conclusion with some great music. While the DJ was played participants enjoyed the music and danced, took pictures and a special mention about how everyone really loved the fantastic backdrop designed by the organizing committee and a few were talking and making new bonds. The ending was sad but it’s not always the ending, it can be a new beginning of something. The day started with smiley faces and ended with smiley faces. 

RotaRomp’22 had a participation of 80+ members including the executive committee, the board of directors, team leaders and general members.

The objectives of the project were clearly brought out in each game. The organizing committee has worked really hard and provided us an indelible day of our lives.  Don’t think you missed a wonderful day of your life. RotaRomp will be back soon with cool stuff in the future. 


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