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Impact of a v o i d e l t a

Delta; the new variant of COVID – 19 has taken over the world fast, making people stay at home for a longer period. The project a v o i d e l t a organized by the Member Relations Team of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya is focused on making the community aware of the new variant of COVID – 19 while making sure that people get distracted from the tedious life due to the ongoing destruction.

The impact created is not only for the member base of the organization but also for the external community in a few different perspectives. As the projects initiated by Rotaract Clubs focus on member evolution and developing skills and abilities of their members, the project a v o i d e l t a provides the opportunity for the member base to develop leadership, create, plan and execute the project. In addition to these benefits to the members, the community is also being positively impacted as Rotaractors and non-Rotaractors promote community awareness which ultimately becomes a valuable addition to the overall society.

Updating the Facebook profile photo is very simple that any user of FB is willing to do. Therefore, the idea that simple actions can lead to a greater cause with an impact on the whole community is made practical through this project. The Organizing Committee aims to show the world that, an initiative as simple as a selfie competition on social media can help spread awareness and create a massive positive impact on society.

As a non-profit organization striving to make sure that projects cooperate with the community and its needs, the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya has partnered with a few blooming businesses in a variety of fields such as arts and crafts, women’s accessories and furniture. By partnering up with potential businesses in a variety of fields of the industry, the club aims at a vast audience to be impacted by the awareness campaign. In addition to this, the support and the marketing campaign provided for the upcoming businesses to make sure that they reach out to their target audience which is mostly the youth crowd, has become a distinctive outcome of the project.

In a particularly different perspective, the environment is also an external component that is benefited through this project. This is because everything regarding the project happens in a virtual platform and no harm is done to the environment through this. Furthermore, in a day that life has become virtual, these platforms have become one of the most disruptive media to human psychology. However, through this initiative, the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya makes sure that people get distracted from their day to day routine and engage with life creatively. In addition to this, virtual settings are promoted as an effective platform for projects to minimize environmental pollution.

It is noteworthy that the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya not only focuses on the organization itself but also uses its strengths to help the community stay up to date with the current situation as well as uses its opportunities to willingly give a helping hand to upcoming businesses. Furthermore, the message of using virtual settings not as an affliction but as a sustainable platform for project execution completes the outlook. The impact that starts from the very members themselves of the club is expanded to the community and all its variations with the goodwill and strength of the fellowship.

 Rtr. Binuri Lokubarana (Member Relations Team)

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