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The RotaTomorrow Awards 2021-22

A room filled with gleaming eyes, glittering lights and a thousand smiles was brought to life with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp, marking the commencement of the most speculated night in our Rotaract Club’s calendar – The RotaTomorrow Awards 2021-22!

What makes the RotaTomorrow Awards that special, you may wonder. To put in briefly, it is the biggest project within our Rotaract Club! It’s a project organized by the Member Relations Avenue with the purpose of improving member engagement within the club and building better friendships among the members. It’s a project put together by ten amazing projects done by ten spectacular teams consisting of, not some but ALL the hardworking Rotaractors in the club!

This definition itself is adequate to confirm why this awards night will mean a lot to all the members and a night that’ll be one to remember and cherish dearly.

With adrenaline rushing high and hearts beating fast, our university’s very own talented dancers presented the traditional Pooja Dance to capture and mesmerize the audience with hopes of bringing a much calmer vibe so that the teams could lay back and enjoy the night.

The splendid performance was succeeded by a short video taking the audience back in time and reminiscing their project journey with their teams. Just as the projector’s lights shone through the slideshows, you could witness the happiness, satisfaction and joy radiating through the gleaming eyes of the members. This was truly a wakeup call to all the Rotaractors, reminding them why they began their Rotaract journey in the first place and the true definition of being a community serving Rotaractor!

Just as the reel time ended, the Club’s Secretary Elect, Rtr. Verosha Abeygoonewardena took to the stage to address the gathering and welcome the distinguished guests and invitees. 

A wave of emotions took control in a matter of minutes as the first set of awards categories were announced. The teams with members rocking their chairs back and forth and fiddling their thumbs, impatiently waiting to know the winner of the First Award Category- “Best Team Spirit”. Among the ten amazing teams, three of them made it into nominations- “Charitha”, “Meet the Need” and “Senehe Diya”.  With the team members shouting their favorite project at the top of their lungs, the winner for the Best Team Spirit was announced to be Project “Charitha” and the loud cheers morphed into a round of applause.

Amidst the cheerful chaos, the next Award Category- “Best Administered Project” was announced, where among the nominees- “SL Made”, “Green Escape” and “Prathishta”, Project “Green Escape” was able to bag the award. The anticipation and curiosity in the audience was at an all-time high when the next Award Category-“Best Partnership Development” was announced. The three lucky teams to get through to the nominations for this category were “Akura”, “Prathishta” and “Charitha” where Project “Prathishta” was successful in securing the award.

RotaTomorrow Awards is all about appreciating the hard work put in by the Rotaractors. RotaTomorrow 2.0 wouldn’t be the same if not for these specific individuals who took the lead and guided the teams to victory. Therefore, it is vital that their hard work receives the recognition it deserves. And thus, Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake, Rtr. Avisha Malalaratne, Rtr. Tharindu Dilshan, Rtr. Malith Kavinda, Rtr. Gimhan Rupasinghe, Rtr. Nipuna Rathnayake, Rtr. Sineth Neththasinghe, Rtr. Harsha Maduwanthi, Rtr. Thariduni Ranasinghe, Rtr. Achini Poornika, Rtr. Chamodi Wickramasooriya, Rtr. Ruchika Kishore, Rtr. Dushyantha Lakshitha, Rtr. Sakura Kalhari, Rtr. Jayani Navoda and Rtr. Osura Vindula were up on stage to receive their token of appreciation.

Tons of awards, victories and achievements, what more could possibly make the RotaTomorrow Awards better? Perhaps, another celebration? Or even better, a celebration of all the accumulated achievements? Sounds about right! The “Charter Day Celebration” too took place within the Awards Night! This Charter Day marks the inception of the 12 fruitful years lived by the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya. It commemorates the day when successful, purposeful and amazing initiatives were brought to life by the hardworking Rotaractors. It definitely was one of the key highlights of the night and Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa took to stage to take rewind time and take the audience on a roller-coaster ride by reminiscing the successful projects implemented by the Club in its past year.

What could possibly top this segment? It’s definitely the announcement of the next set of awards! What makes this next collection of awards so special is that it is the individuality of the appreciation given. This was definitely one of the most highly anticipated segments as the awards were given to individuals in recognition of their outstanding performances throughout their respective projects. With the hosts announcing the award category to be “Most Outstanding Project Secretary”, team mates were sitting on the edges of their chairs, in hopes of their team secretary securing the award.

Rtr. Akshana Wickramasinghe from Team Inferno, Rtr. Dimithri Premarathna from Team Inspiro, Rtr. Nipuni Lowe fro Team Invictus, Rtr. Oshani Jayamanne from Team Sociospiring and Rtr. Santusha Siriwardane from Team Titans were successful in getting through to the nominations for this prestigious award. In the midst of cheers and applauses, Rtr. Akshana Wickramasinghe from Team Inferno was successful in claiming the title.

Next up, the awards category – “Most Outstanding Project Coordinator” was announced. The lucky nominees for this award were named to be Rtr. Madhavi Athulathmudali from Team Ezperenza, Rtr. Kavishka Kodithuwakku from Team Inspiro, Rtr. Yashoda Weerasekara from Team Los Amigos and the Most Outstanding Project Coordinator was awarded to Rtr. Yashoda Weerasekara from Team Los Amigos.

The awards kept coming and the teams kept winning! It was definitely the best time to present the next award for “Most Outstanding PR Coordinator”. The PR Coordinators who made it through to the nominations were none other than Rtr. Anusha Jayalath from Team Altera Rotaractors, Rtr. Rashmika Kekulawala from Team Inferno, Rtr. Chanuka Welagedara from Team Invictus, Rtr. Hansamali Abeynanda from Team Los Amigos and Rtr. Dulanjali Jayasuriya from Team Seekers, making the team leap to their feet, Rtr. Anusha Jayalath from Team Altera Rotractors was able to secure the title for the most outstanding PR Coordinator.

Keeping on track with the finances, working according to a fixed budget is nowhere close to being easy. Therefore, the next award was a very strategic title that reflected the team treasurers’ financial responsibilities. You’ve probably guessed the title of the award by now and yes, you guessed it right, the award for “Most Outstanding Treasurer” was presented where Rtr. Dilki Mannapperuma from Team Inferno, Rtr. Bawadharani Sivanesan from Team Invictus and Rtr. Kuhanya Sivasangari from Team Los Amigos were nominated for the award and Rtr. Kuhanya Sivasangari from Team Los Amigos was successful in claiming this prestigious title.

The final award for this set of awards was none other than the “Most Outstanding Team Member”, the lucky nominees for this title were Rtr. Pramod Eshan from Team Inferno, Rtr. Danuji Chandrasekara from Team Ezperenza and Rtr. Senali Gunasekara from Team Los Amigos where Rtr. Pramod Eshan from Team Inferno was able to bag the award.

With trophies and victories parading in the room symbolizing success and achievement, it was the perfect time for a true inspiring leader to take on to the stage and motivate the audience even further. Amidst his busy schedule, he never fails to miss any of the Rotaract and Rotary events in the calendar! So it is with great honor and privilege that the RotaTomorrow Awards Night was able to have President Elect of the Rotary Club of Colombo Uptown, Rtn. Delan Silva as the chief guest and address the gathering with his inspiring words.

If an awards night with a room full of enthusiastic and energetic members shouldn’t lack something, it’s definitely entertainment. The RotaTomorrow Awards Night brought their A game to the table by having none other than the remarkably talented Rtr. Ashka Kulathunga up on stage to sway the night away with her angelic voice.

The beautiful performance was succeeded by another beautiful speech by the DRRN Rtr. PP Sathma Jayasinghe who took to stage to express her thoughts on the event.

The success of RotaTomorrow 2.0 is heavily reflected by the projects carried by ten amazing teams. Therefore, it is only reasonable that recognition is given to the remarkable potential held by these projects. Thus, the next set of awards focused on the development of the project ideas that transformed into successful projects. As such for the first award – “Most Innovative Project Idea”, Projects “SL Made”, “Prathishta” and “Senehe Diya” made it to the nominations where “Prathishta” was successful in securing the award. Next up the award was presented for “Most Emerging Project Idea” and Project “Senehe Diya” was able to bag the award. “The Most Strategic Position” Award had three competitors- “Akura”, “Meet The Need” and “Senehe Diya” where “Akura” was successful in gaining the victory.

The awards night wouldn’t have come together this beautifully, if it weren’t for the hardworking Organizing Committee who did the work behind the scenes, from day till night and all over again, just so the Rotaractors could enjoy an awesome night! So, it was only fair at that moment to appreciate the team behind RotaTomorrow 2.0. Consequently, Rtr. Amalka Anjalee, Rtr. Harith Jayanath, Rtr. Senudi Vithana, Rtr. Shakya Wickramaarachchi, Rtr. Gayani Jayamanna, Rtr. Apsari Wijayarathna, Rtr. Thedini Herath, Rtr. Amanda Pabudunayake, Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon, Rtr. Thinuri Nanayakkara, Rtr. Dilma Herath, Rtr. Chathuka De Silva, Rtr. Madura Gnanaselvam, Rtr. Duleetha Sandaruwan, Rtr. Uditha Karandana, Rtr.Minduli Perera, Rtr. Samadi Perera, Rtr. Roshan Rathnayake, Rtr. Yashoda Weerasekara and Rtr. Hashan Koonara walked up on stage to accept their tokens of appreciation.

On this glamorous evening, there were a few individuals whose ideas and opinions needed to be shared with the audience. The very first individual – Ms. Shanika Wijenayake, Senior Lecturer in Department of Marketing Management and the Senior Treasurer of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya was no stranger to the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, as it was through her constant guidance and support that the club continued to shine in its glory.

Following Ms. Shanika’s speech, Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake, the President of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya took to stage to express his views. His words reflected the pride and satisfaction that comes with the hardwork put in by the members to make RotaTomorrow a glorious success.

DRRE Rtn. Rtr. PP Ahamed Hussain, who has been a pillar of strength throughout the years, is another individual who needs no introduction when it comes to the success and continuous thrive in the Rotaract movements. His humble words touched the audience leaving them motivated and inspired to strive forth and always do better.

After a little bit of the formalities, the night fell back into entertainment with the talented dancers crowding up on stage to get the audience entertained and engaged.

To match an energy-boosted audience, there must stand an energetic individual. Perhaps, an individual who has been a pillar of strength to the Rotaract in Rotary District 3220 Sri Lanka and the Maldives, guiding, supporting and mentoring the clubs, to build a better tomorrow might suit this energy. Yes, the RotaTomorrow Awards was fortunate enough to have DRR Rtn. Rtr. PP Akhila Wijetunge grace the event and address the gathering.

Following this, another great personality DRC Rtn. Marshad Barry, whose contribution has left a notable mark on the books and elevated the district to new greater heights took to the stage to share his thoughts with the gathering leaving a great impression on the audience.

With the night getting closer to the end, the curiosity in the audience has reached its climax, with members wondering what the remaining awards are and who will be walking home with victory. Without keeping the audience further, the final set of awards were announced. The first awards category “Most Emerging Project Chair” had quite a few nominees – Rtr. Maryam Mahas from Team Y Nots, Rtr. Lakni Perera from Team Inspiro, Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa from Team Ezperenza, Rtr. Prabhavi Hettiarachchi from Team Altera Rotaractors and Rtr. Rahma Zuhri from Team Seekers. Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa was able to win the title of the most emerging project chair leaving her team proud and happy.

The next category “Most Outstanding Project Chair” too had a bit of competition with five nominees competing for the title. Rtr. Dewmini Abhisheka from Team Invictus, Rtr. Dinura Liyanage from Team Sociospiring, Rtr. Dinithi Lorensuhewa from Team Ezperenza, Rtr. Anushka Kasthuriarachchi from Team Los Amigos and Rtr. Yasodha Madhuwanthi from Team Inferno in where Rtr. Anushka Kasthuriarachchi from Team Los Amigos was able to be the second runner up whereas  Rtr. Dewmini Abhisheka from Team Invictus was able to secure the first runner up title and ultimately and Rtr. Yasodha Madhuwanthi from Team Inferno was successful in securing the title.

Out of three nominees- “Akura”, “Charitha” and “Meet The Need”, Project “Charitha” was yet again successful in securing the winning title for the “Most Effective PR Campaign”.

And just like that, the moment to announce the Winner of RotaTomorrow 2.0 came. The moment the entire club has been waiting for, it’s the moment that pays off all the hardwork and time sacrificed by the members to be the champions of the night while making a permanent change in the community for the better through their innovative projects.

With teams on the edge of their seats, Team Ezperenza was able to secure the Second Runner Up Title while Team Inferno became the First Runner up making Team Invictus the Winner of the RotaTomorrow Awards 2021-22.

Handshakes, fist bumps and team hugs were a sight to witness as Rtr. Gimhan Rupasinghe, Co-Director of the Member Relations Avenue took to stage to deliver the vote of thanks, marking the end of this glamorous event.

A journey that started with a simple purpose produced a flow of projects that sought solutions to vital problems in today’s society all the while increasing fellowship and better friendships within the club, striving forth and serving the community, ultimately fulfilling the purpose of being a true Rotaractor, RotaTomorrow was simply magic! Magic that helped create a better Tomorrow!

~Written by: Rtr. Senudi Vithana | Featured image designed by: Rtr. Ranula Bhagya~

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