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The Spirits of Christmas

Christmas is not just a holiday… but it’s a whole fresh sensation filled with sentimental emotion!

The spirits or ghosts of Christmas is something really interesting and is a topic no one would want to miss during an exciting time like Christmas. A Christmas Carol is a beautiful piece put together which documents people and events with a distinct, predetermined symbolic meaning, along with the Spirits of Christmas. Greed, selfishness, and a lack of kindness toward one’s fellow human beings are all values that are antithetical to the idea of Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas Present symbolizes kindness, empathy, and the Christmas spirit; the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come symbolizes the fear of death and moral responsibility; and the Ghost of Christmas Past, with his shining head signifying the mind, represents memory. The Cratchits is a symbol for the impoverished, whom he warmly and sympathetically depicts in an effort to highlight their situation.

Christmas spirits which are fundamentally based on different Past, Present, and Future aspects, time plays a significant role and being kind and concerned on all occasions is a hallmark act during the time of Giving which is Christmas.

Christmas spirits are deemed to be fictional and their basic appearance was a bizarre figure, like a child but more like an old man when seen through a paranormal lens, which gave the impression that he had vanished from view and shrunk to a child’s size. Even though its hair was white as though it had aged and hung down its back and over its neck, the face was wrinkle-free and the skin had the softest bloom. The hands and arms were both incredibly lengthy and strong, giving the impression that the grasp was exceptionally strong. Its most beautifully shaped legs and feet were bare, just as those above members.

The Spirit is deceptively strong, although appearing to be delicate and ethereal because it extended a strong hand as it spoke and gently grabbed him by the arm.

Christmas is like a fairytale… and let’s have the urge to enjoy the merry moments with it.

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