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The Twilight of My Youth


True love cannot be defined by any means. 

It’s a cluster of adjectives; it’s crazy, passionate, complicated, painful – but most  importantly,  


Loving someone isn’t about finding someone who you can escape reality with. It’s one of a million life lessons where you will learn that love isn’t only about receiving but also about giving: it means that you’d sacrifice anything for the happiness of your love. 

I finally understood what true love meant. 

Love means that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be… 

Now dear readers… 

I’m going to tell you a story of a young girl and a boy who experienced the cherry blossoms of first love. From what I know, all I can tell you is that the power of love is the strongest weapon in this entire universe. If you ever meet her or him, do not let go… 



His face lit up as soon as he heard the voice he longed to hear, her voice seemed to  have a magical power as whenever she called his name, he could feel a thousand butterflies fluttering inside his entire body. 

She’s called Gale, the Snow White of Will’s every dream.  

“Hey…” he replied back. And there it went. From a simple ‘hey’ to never-ending stories. Their chit-chats were so simple. They were not about politics or job offers or anything complex that grown-ups talk about when they meet up. It was just about how school was and friends and all the crazy things that happened. 

Kids have nothing to worry about. They know the things that grown-ups do not know. They know how to smile from their hearts. And that’s what made them pure. 

Will smiled at her. He smiled looking straight into her eyes. She couldn’t resist his blinding smile which sent a shiver down her spine. She looked away but he kept looking at her. ONLY HER. 

First love. What a word…  

Falling in love is simple but it takes a much longer time for you to realize. What is this mysterious reason for not being able to talk looking straight into his eyes? Why hesitation? Why all that blush?  

For you readers, it will take seconds to answer all Gale’s confusions.  But she’s only fifteen. 

One day she went to see him… 

Gale’s POV: 

“Will, where are you?” 

I searched for him everywhere, but he wasn’t there. 

“Hi, Gale…” 

I turned around really quick. He was Zach, Will’s brother. I was so upset. Why?  I started getting lots of unpredictable questions for myself these days.  

“You’re looking for Will? He went to the market and should be here soon” “Hey… Gale!”  

There I heard him. I felt a sudden joy out of nowhere and I couldn’t stop myself but ran to him just to lock myself up in his arms.  

They were so warm. Maybe the warmest place in this entire universe, I thought. He turned red. Why? I was just hugging… 

Wait a bit… Why are my cheeks so hot? Here we go again, ANOTHER  QUESTION… 

We decided to spend the day watching a movie. He brought the popcorn and I switched on the TV.  

“Wait, where are the others?” 

“Zach and Ondina went out so that we’ll be left in the company of each other.” 

It was a two-hour-long movie. Usually, I give my full attention to the movie but today my focus totally went off-track. 

He slowly leaned over and placed his head on my lap so naturally. My entire body started to boil… 

I was so confused with the sudden mix of emotions that I’m going through. I didn’t think twice. I slowly reached my hand and my fingers played with his hair. It was so soft and I loved this feeling so much and wished we could stay like this for hours. I think he liked how I caressed him. I could say as he slowly closed his eyes. I saw a tiny smile in the right-hand corner of his mouth. 

That’s how it went….  

It was confusing but on top of everything, I loved it. Why?  


“First love is something you can never forget. Because no matter how many  relationships you make, it is still your first love and it will always stay somewhere in  your heart alive forever.” 

They were only fifteen. How would they possibly know what was going on with them?  Their love was so pure as crystal but they didn’t know.  

It was all until one very special night. Gale and Will decided to pull a night over and watch a horror movie. The lights were off. The light emitted off the TV screen was all that was left. They were on the couch; sharing one large blanket. 

It was a chilly night.  

Horror movies are supposed to be scary and Gale hated them. She had heard that horror movies are supposed to be interesting when you watch them with someone. She wasn’t afraid.  

Will was next to her.  

Gale’s POV: 

I was sitting next to him. I felt so comfortable being next to him. I slowly crouched down beside him without even realizing it. I felt his arms as the couch was not big. His arms were touching mine and our hands were covered under his blanket. I still remember its color: Red. 

I didn’t know what to do until I felt his hands. He grasped my hand and started caressing slowly and slowly. 

I felt a lightning spreading throughout my body with a million butterflies in my belly. I  felt him; his touch. It paralyzed me as I was under his spell. 

He Interlocked his fingers with mine and placed them over his chest. I couldn’t stop myself with the sudden rush of adrenaline.  

I placed my other hand on his torso. 

I could hear his heartbeat. It was beating so fast like he just ran a marathon. His breathing started getting heavier and he took my hand and locked it with his. I placed my head on his torso. Everything was dark. It felt like there were just the two of us. 

I wished this would last.

I found the answer to solving all my questions. 


Will’s POV: 

Gale lay down next to me. She was right NEXT TO ME!!! 

I felt her breathing… She was that close. 

We were tucked inside the blanket. Her hands were so close to mine. They were covered under the blanket. 

I wanted her… I knew I cannot fall in love… 


Whenever I realize that she’s right next to me, I don’t think of anything. 


I looked at her. It was dark, but I saw her eyes. 

I was scared but her body told me a different story. 

There’s only one way to find out. 

I grasped her hand. slowly. 

I caressed her hand like I was caressing a butterfly wing. 

She gave me butterflies. 

The next second, nothing mattered to me. 

And I realized she’s feeling the same way… 

Mixed feelings… 

Happiness…. Guilt…. Sadness…. 

We interlocked our fingers with each other. 

We didn’t speak but our actions were very loud. 

Her raising heartbeat, her soft touches… 

I loved the moment. 

When she touched my torso, I felt like I was on cloud nine. 

I looked at her lips. 

I could tell that we were thinking about the same thing by looking at how she started biting her lower lip. 

I moved her closer and closer… 

Our noses touched and the next moment… 

I felt her lips on mine. 


I shouted louder… 

But that voice came out from the deepest ends of my heart. 


“Do they always tell each other bedtime stories at night and wake up with morning  kisses mommy?” Young Will questioned. 

“Yes, my darling. They lived happily even when they got wrinkles in their arms” She answered. 

But there was pain hidden beneath her smile. 

“Then they lived happily ever after” 

There she is. Gale; reading a bedtime story to her beautiful son, Will. 

She looked at him… 

Her story always works on him. 

She planted a kiss on his forehead. 

“Good night my love.” 

Then she went back to her room, and sat by the window. 

She saw the twilight.  

She saw the moon smiling at her softly. 

She looked at the moon and her memory leaped fifteen years back. There he’s… 

Just as young with his bewitching eyes. 



She answered and closed her eyes…  

p.s: This story is based on a true story but all the character names of this story are fictional.

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