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Until We Find Another Planet

World population day is observed on the 11th of July each year to bring out global attention to the rising world population and the effect it is having on our natural resources, climate, and the planet overall. World Population Day, which strives to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues, was inaugurated by the then-Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989.

The Day was first marked on the 11th of July, 1990 in more than 90 countries. Since then, several UNFPA Country offices and other organizations and institutions commemorate World Population Day, in partnership with governments and civil society. This day serves as a reminder for us to reflect on the challenges and opportunities associated with the world’s population and the need for sustainable development.

The current world population is around 7.9 billion and it is increasing every second. Thus, it’s urgent to find a way to control the situation or else we will be needing another earth and its resources just for survival.

Here are some shocking realities about world population that one must know,

  1. The world population was one billion until the early 1800s and now a billion is added every 12-15 years.
  2. By 2024 India will become the world’s most populous country, leaving China behind.
  3. World’s fastest-growing population can be seen in Nigeria.
  4. At the current Population Growth Rate, 3 Earths will be needed for survival by 2050.
  5. Our population is more than double what it was in 1970.
  6. In some parts of the world, 250 babies are born every minute.
  7. Between 2010 and 2015, life expectancy rose from 67 to 71 and as per the estimate, it will rise to 77 between 2045 and 2050 and to 83 years between 2095 and 2100
  8. Only the population of Europe is expected to be smaller in 2050 than in 2017
  9. By 2050 estimates project the world population will reach 9.7 billion.

So, with that one of the key goals of World population day is to raise awareness about the importance of reproductive health and family planning. Empowering individuals, particularly women and girls with the knowledge and resources to make informed choices about their reproductive health can contribute to healthier and more sustainable population growth.

Furthermore, promoting sustainable practices will be crucial in mitigating the negative impacts of population growth on the planet. On world population day, let us recommit ourselves to creating a future where every individual can thrive, where reproductive rights are respected, and where endurable development is at the forefront of our efforts. By establishing the correct practice together, we can assemble the world with the symmetry of the needs of the present and future generations until we find another planet.

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