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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Peter Parker aka Spiderman has always been my hero. The person who gave me hope.

You may wonder how a superhero may have given him hope, it’s not because he appeared as a Marvel character in Captain America Civil War or when I realized that Spiderman is stronger than winter soldier and the fact that he fought with Captain America, yet the most awesome part is that he was introduced to MARVEL cinematic universe by the one only Tony Stark aka Ironman. Ironman, who is a prominent character in MCU and considered Spiderman worthy to veil the title as the “NEXT IRONMAN.”

Spider-Man is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko.

Fast forward after the death of Ironman, it was hard for Marvel fans to digest the fact that Ironman is no more, and even Spiderman felt the same. Tony was like a dad, a teacher, and a friend to him, and was his one and only inspiration.

How do these facts connect to my life? 

Apart from the great storylines he holds throughout the Marvel universe. The character is built up so well in multiple realities (MULTIVERSE). Talking about Tobey, Andrew and Tom who are really well portrayed in all three different universes and the moment finally arrived, the fans had their treat in the SPIDERMAN – NO WAY HOME with all three of them together fighting the Sinisters. It was indeed the biggest treat of all time. Marvel gave the best movies yet the Spiderman lacked something and then Marvel gave what was exactly missing. The particular scene where  May convinces Peter not to send him and his fellow bad guys back to their timelines to be killed by their respective Spider-Men, but instead heal them of their ailments and potentially save their lives. The classic style where Spiderman learns from his mistakes and he was moved by the fact that they deserve a second chance changed his decision. When I mentioned classical,  it did become savage when Aunt May said “With great power comes great responsibility.” 

The character is kinda filled with all sorts of emotions like love, comedy,  fun, belief, hope, sadness, excitement, and thrill which is lacking in most of superheroes. The thought of getting bit by a radioactive spider and turning super cool can be hilarious. The point is not the fictional imagination yet the message;  Peter, a teenage high school student and an orphan raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City after his parents Richard and Mary Parker died in a plane crash. Lee and Ditko had the character deal with the struggles of adolescence and financial issues. I love the character Uncle Ben, who is always there for Peter and makes sure he is protected and follows the correct path. Harry Osborn is one of the leading fictional characters and he is Peter’s best friend.  Peter wasn’t a spoiled teenager yet he made mistakes and learned through his path and this can be the ideal personality of all the Spiderman in the multiverse. It makes me close to him because he goes to high school and he has a crush on a girl called Mary Jane and he has a hard time getting close to her.  Eventually, he gets lucky in his love life and the romance is quite friendly and fun. So far the three of them have three different stories and Tobey’s MJ is complicated and there comes the sad part, Andrew’s Gwen dies in a fight with the goblin and the worst part is that Tom’s MJ forgets Tom. The fact that even though they are superheroes, I like the fact that the character is filled with the story of human life.  A human who does go through his dark times and comes out into the shadows. Stan Lee said he liked Spider-Man “because he’s become the most famous. He’s the one who’s most like me – nothing ever turns out 100 percent OK; he’s got a lot of problems, and he does things wrong, and I can relate to that.” 

The fact that always thrilled me is that “He always pulls his punches.”  So I was curious to know how strong he is and he was the first hero I saw.  When he swings in the neighborhood and calls himself as the friendly neighborhood Spiderman eventually made him a people’s person. He always made sure that his loved ones were safe so he distanced himself from the loved ones. That’s why he always had a mask so that the enemies wouldn’t know who he was. 

“And, every boy…

 sooner or later…

 must put away his TOYS…

and become…

 a MAN!”

There are plenty of scenes running in my head right now as I write this but I’ll run through a few. For instance, where Tobey promises MJ that he would be in his show and never turns out to be and probably was saving the city from villains, Tobey is kinda favorite among all of them because he is the only one who gets yelled at a pizza shop owner for delivering pizzas late, the guy who loves the same girl even though she dated plenty and J Jonah Jameson, can’t forget him the only guy who keep things spiced up.  

An inspiring hero who changed my life and entertained millions and he wasn’t the kid anymore.

In the end, the only thing left is….


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