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People go through various difficulties in life. It may be filled with issues of health, money, business, family and etc. But those struggles are temporary ones. Some do go through struggles which are lifelong as there are no remedies found out yet or some due to the fact that they are terminal illnesses. Cancer is such a disease.

There are thousands of people who suffer due to cancer. Some get it due to wrong consumption of certain medicines, due to the exposure towards harmful rays and due to heredity. However, whoever that is diagnosed with cancer, goes through a tough life. It mainly depends on the way he /she accepts it. Some accept it as a challenge and some as an invitation to death.

Giving support and strength on these hard times is the only option we as friends, family and relatives can do. Taking care of their small activities such as grocery shopping, accompanying on monthly checkups and taking care of their family while they are sick are so  tiny deeds  which we can do and that means a lot to them.

Conducting free breast cancer workshops for those in need, free groceries for those who are struggling with cancer are such projects we as the youth can do. If we all come together we can bring down the suffering those cancer patients are holding to some extent.

Let’s come together and be a strength to those who suffer a lot due to cancer in this country and make the world a better place.

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