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World Creativity and Innovation Day

Okay, Let’s get started!

I was wondering how I should start and the evil me in my head said to just ask CHATgpt to write an article on ‘Creativity and Innovation’. Yeh, that sounded great and then I was like how the hell could I ask for an AI to write me a creative article. I know you were probably not smiling yet this article is all about fun and cool things that we do and how life has become so creative. 

              “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

The World Creativity and Innovation Day is globally observed annually on the 21st of April with the objective of expanding awareness of the importance of creativity and innovation in problem resolution to advancing the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. It is a reminder to the world on the significance of innovation to utilize the economic potential of nations.

Before moving into the greater creations and innovations, I can take a few of my life experiences to talk about the creations I have witnessed in my life. I was born in 2001 which belongs to the 21st century. A century that indeed is a roller-coaster ride.  All I can say is I have seen a lot of changes and creations, for example from Avatar, and Titanic to the iPhone 14 Promax which I don’t have. I am not gonna brag about iPhone here but the thing that strikes my head is the iPhone which is a revolution. Apart from that fancy phone which has a 48 megapixels camera which is really cool and a 3x zoom telephoto camera, how can I forget the space zoom of Samsung! These creative innovations are crazy, at some point I feel like people are so gifted with crazy ideas. The world is an amazing palace with unknown realities. 

The amazing fact about creativity is that anyone can be creative. Even I consider myself creative because I do some crazy art. I always love to draw and I feel like that’s my thing. The first step to being creative is to think differently. It’s simple just see it from different perspectives and imagine all outcomes. Secondly, meditate and have time for yourself. The more you stay distracted the more ideas flow through. Thirdly, never let thoughts control you and don’t control your thoughts just let it flow. 

Creativity can make you unique from the rest of the people. It can be making beautiful music, writing a poem, sketching mind-blowing arts or just making your own TikTok content. Khaby Lame became the most-followed TikTok user on 22 June 2022. Khaby is a great example that having a good education, being an expert in a particular field, being a high-ranked sportsperson, sending rockets or wearing simple clothes aren’t only the factors that make you famous. Create your own destiny and the only thing is it’s never too late. Especially, don’t worry about the opportunity you missed, it may blind you from the best ones ahead. 

I’ll finish my writing, the most fascinating thing that made me amazed is how amazing the human body is. Creation with so many complications and confusions. I was always curious about how the brain functions or how the heart sounds “lub-dub”. Yet, I started understanding more about this body and the surprising fact is that humans can go to any extremes to achieve their dreams. Aren’t we amazing? We were born so tiny and grew mighty and toiled to reach our goals. I still feel grateful for how creative the human body is and the feeling I am witnessing right now is also something that is very weird, yet we are humans with all sorts of problems and wants. 

Let us embrace the World Creativity and Innovation Day with hope. A hope to think different!

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