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World Mental Health Day

“Mental Health is not a destination but a process. It’s about how you drive, not you’re going.” -Noam Shpancer-

This year in 2023 the theme of Mental Health Day is “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right”. Everyone must get knowledge about mental health and must talk about it. Because one of the most valuable things in our lives is the mental health.

Mental Health is the well being of the mind and soul. First, we need to consider about our mental health, because all our activities are being controlled from our mind. If mind is not healthy, we cannot live properly. And it is a crucial component of overall well-being. On the 10th of October, we celebrate the World Mental Health Day. Its origin year is 1992 and it has established by the World Federation for Mental Health. The purpose of the mental health day is to spread awareness of the significance of mental health & promote greater understanding of mental health issues globally.

In the present day many people are not living with good mental health. People all over the world are suffering from mental illnesses because of the lack of social connections and loneliness, high workload, society, family problems, accidents, natural disasters, challenging environment, misuse of drugs etc.

To promote the mental health of our lives we can encourage people to do exercises, a balanced diet, stress management, meditation and many other things. Using these things, we can reduce the risk of mental health issues. And we can identify people’s mental health issues and hold various programs for that.

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