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World Public Transport Day

The World Transport Day is celebrated annually on the 10th of November, emphasizing the importance and advantages of Public Transport.

Public transport is one of the most important aspects of human life when it comes to traveling. It could be buses, trains as well as boat services. In some countries, public transport has its highest standards with most people making up their minds to use it often instead of traveling in private vehicles. Also, in some developing countries, public transport is the only available type of transport for many, as many do not have the luxury of having a private vehicle.

There are some positives and negatives of public transport. If we look into the positives, we can see that by many people using public transport, the scale of carbon dioxide emissions will reduce and that would help the environment. Another positive is that the availability of public transport of high standards will help people save money which they spend on fuel. If we look at the negatives, we can see that in many underdeveloped countries, there are unlawful incidents which take place while using public transport like robberies, sexual harassment, and other types of illegal acts. Formulating and implementing laws which could stop these types of negatives, could be the solution to this problem which takes place while using public transport.

Therefore, high-standard public transport is a characteristic of a developed country and society. So, countries should look into developing public transport facilities if they are to achieve higher standards in human development indexes and as discussed in the currently ongoing COP 27 Climate Summit, countries could contribute more towards the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which will eventually contribute towards the protection of the environment.

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