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World Migratory Bird Day

How many of you love birdwatching?

You may watch the birds in the surrounding locations at your place or at a wildlife sanctuary. Birdwatching is an enormously thrilling opportunity and an enchanting hobby regardless of the place as the doer enjoys seeing the beauty and the adventurous behavior of the spectacular species.

Have you noticed migratory birds?

Of course, you may have already seen those kinds of birds not knowing that they have migrated, flying thousands of miles far away from where they really belong.

The World Migratory Birds Day is celebrated to create awareness about the necessity of safeguarding migratory birds and their habitats. This annual event is aimed at acknowledging the migration of birds, and also to educate people about the significance of protecting them. It serves as a platform for individuals globally to gain knowledge about birds, their habitats, and the difficulties they encounter during their extensive travels.

Mostly, birds migrate in search of better resources such as food and nesting locations. When food is scarce during the winter, birds tend to migrate to other destinations where food and nesting opportunities are abundant. This enables them to ensure their survival. Migratory birds are like sailors that navigate using the magnetic field of the earth. They have the ability to detect the magnetic field and use it to determine its position and direction. Migratory birds have been facing numerous challenges, including climate change, habitat loss, plastic pollution, and other human activities, which have threatened their survival and pushed them toward the brink of extinction. World Migratory Bird Day plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of conserving migratory bird ecosystems. Avian migration involves nearly 20% of all known bird species, which amounts to over 2,000 species.

The main theme of this year’s International Migratory Bird Day is “Water: Sustaining Bird Life”, which focuses on the importance of water for migratory birds. Water is one of the essential requirements for the sustainable lifestyle of any living being. Migratory birds prefer staying in water catchment areas as their habitats. Lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, marshes, and coastal wetlands are all excellent places for breeding and resting for many migratory bird species. Unfortunately, according to researchers, 35% of wetlands have disappeared within the last 50 years.

To save these beautiful creatures, people organize various activities such as bird festivals, educational programs, exhibitions, and bird watching excursions. Eliminating pesticides could help reduce the indirect pollution of waterways. Acts such as the ‘Migratory Bird Treaty Act’ (MBTA) have prohibited the killing, capturing, selling, trading, and transporting of migratory birds.

Migratory birds act as controllers of pests, supporters of the pollination of plants and servers as food sources for other wildlife creatures. They are a splendid spectacle for bird enthusiasts as well. Let’s raise awareness on the importance of these magnificent migratory birds on this International Migratory Birds Day for our community through both words and action!

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