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World Science Day for Peace and Development

Highlighting the significant role of science in society and spreading awareness to engage the public in eye-opening discussions on emerging scientific issues, the world science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated on the 10th of November each year. Along with the current circumstances prevailing in the Covid-19 impacted society, it has been evident how science is attached to that by providing solutions for numerous arenas, thus reinforcing the intimate mutual connection between science and society.

Therefore, World Science Day for Peace and Development aims to ensure that citizens are informed of developments in science. It also underscores the role scientists play in broadening our understanding of the remarkable, fragile planet we call home and in making our societies more sustainable.

Purposes of the day

Just as every other day in the world calendar, world science day has its purpose of celebration. This day offers the opportunity to mobilize all factors around the topic of science for peace and development – from government officials to the media to school pupils. There are four prime underlined purposes of the November 10th celebration of the world science day for peace and development as stated below,

● Strengthen public awareness of the role of science for peaceful and sustainable societies.
● Promote national and international solidarity for shared science between countries.
● Renew national and international commitment for the use of science for the benefit of societies.
● Draw attention to the challenges faced by science in raising support for the scientific endeavour.

Accordingly, UNESCO strongly encourages the community to join in celebrating World Science Day for Peace and Development by organizing events of their own or by attending any other activity or event relevant to the purposes given above on the day. Thus, ensuring that the rest of the community who are unaware of the importance of this day will notice the enigmatic significance of commemorating such a day.

Embracing the celebration of science

Embracing the celebration of science on a global scale was an initiative of UNESCO, by showing that it’s important to celebrate this day as there is the need to communicate on the specific role played by science in shaping lives and society – unless we forget! However, in the Sri Lankan context, there is the need to consider the enormous number of issues that have emerged because of us not being alive to science.

2021 Theme

‘Building Climate – Ready communities’: theme for the year 2021, marks the 20th edition of World Science Day for Peace and Development. The objective is to bring science closer to society by highlighting some key scientific aspects and possible solutions provided by science, technology, and innovation to some of the major global challenges faced by society nowadays.

As previously mentioned, celebrating a day named World Science Day for Peace and Development has a significant rationale taking the community to its roots on the importance of the role of science and scientists for sustainable societies and in need to inform and involve the community in this regard. In this sense, World Science Day for Peace and Development offers an opportunity to show the public the relevance of science in their lives and engage them in discussions. This venture also brings a unique perspective to the global search for peace and development. Thus, the day elucidates that ‘Science is for life- and life is for science’.

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