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World Tsunami Awareness Day

During your lifetime have you ever experienced a tsunami? If not, you are lucky. Because that is one of the most dreadful incidents to witness or experience. 

Tsunami is a natural disaster that mostly occurs in the Asia-Pacific regions, especially in areas close to the sea. The sea waves invading the territories on land at high-speed could be explained as the process of a tsunami. This is too hazardous for human beings because of the huge and tragic destruction that it causes. It could claim a huge number of lives. 

It is necessary for you to obtain awareness on tsunami. The development of the technological world helps to discover where the tsunami waves are coming through and from. Discovering and being aware of this will provide the scope of enabling life-saving decisions. Evacuating the people from highly risked areas to safer areas is the prominent action to take. We should also be mindful to rescue animals also who are part of Earth. This day could be utilized as a  perfect way to educate school children and the public community on tsunami awareness.  

The United Nations elaborates on the World tsunami Awareness Day because it distinguishes humanity. Tsunami has the power to entirely change someone’s life story scripting the darkest chapters of his life. As Sri Lankans,  we were a nation that suffered from a huge tragedy in 2004 because of a terrible tsunami tide. Millions of people lost their lives facing this unkind wave. To escape and prevent disastrous consequences, it is important to enlighten ourselves about safety precautions. This day further emphasizes on the technical support to establish tsunami sensor systems in highly dangerous areas close to the seaside. Conducting awareness sessions through practical activities are helpful to aware someone about what should be done when tsunami occurs.  

Haven’t you read “Wave” the memoir written by Ms. Sonali Deraniyagala about her tearful life experience on how this natural disaster changed her entire life? If you haven’t, take a read, to understand the pain of facing such an unexpected tragedy. 

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