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Youth: Shaping the World for Tomorrow

The International Youth Day is celebrated annually on the 12th of August. The day provides an opportunity for individuals to draw consideration to youth issues around the world. Concerts, workshops, cultural activities, and discussions with national and local government leaders and youth organizations are held all around the world during the International Youth Day. The United Nations proclaimed International Youth Day in 1999 with its endorsement of Resolution 54/120. International Youth Day offers the youngsters a chance to express themselves. It involves youth and seeks to implement initiatives and measures that will boost their opportunities.

The youth of the world faces distinctive challenges and obstructions to success, depending on which domain of the world they are living in. Youthful individuals living in developed and developing nations are more inclined to confronting mental- and social challenges, while youthful individuals living in underdeveloped nations confront many issues concerning their fundamental needs such as wellbeing and work.

Such issues and challenges are broadly examined on neighborhood, organization, and administrative levels. Classes, preparing sessions, talks, gatherings highlighting powerful figures as key speakers, pledge drives and the dispersion of instructive fabric for educating and making mindfulness take precedence on the International Youth Day. Accordingly, those obstacles for youth advancement, can be resolved and changes can be more effectively actualized.

The theme for International Youth Day 2023 is “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”. Green skills are important for individuals of all ages, but they are especially important for the youth since they can contribute to the green transition for a greater period of time. So let us all think green on this International Youth Day!

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