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A New Trend In Education

Mario woke up before the sun rise. He sat down on the chair with a pen and a piece of paper. He started to write something but could not concentrate.

“Mario… hey what a surprise! My son has woken up.”

Mother entered the room. She was a bit surprised to see Mario sitting on a chair.

“Come for breakfast dear.”

“Oh, I cannot mom. This drives me crazy.”

“What, why? Don’t you want to eat?”

“No mom, I mean I want to eat. But I cannot write anything”

“What are you writing?”

“An assignment. I have to write about the new trends of education.”

“Oh! It sounds great. You can write about flipped classrooms

“Wh..what classroom?”

Flipped Classroom. It is one of the new trends in education. It is an instructional strategy that moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. Here, students complete the instructional portion at home on their own time and work on problem-solving in the classroom. Students are able to learn new concepts pre-class and then check their understanding during various class activities through the flipped classroom. Presentation slides, video clips, images, notes, a voiceover n narration can be used in the flipped classroom.”

“Wow… Mom, how does this help students?”

“You mean benefits right.. here are the benefits,

  1. These classrooms accommodate different learning styles and speeds. Each student is free to learn at their own pace.
  2. This method helps to develop valuable life skills like leadership, problem-solving and critical thinking.
  3. Opportunity to get a deeper grasp of the material compared to a more traditional approach.
  4. This is a self-directed learning

“Now I understand. Thank you, mom. Love you.”

“Oh, it is okay dear. So now it is time to get breakfast “

“Mom… I think it is time to eat. Just give me ten minutes.”

A Flipped Classroom is a teaching method and form of combined learning that involves assigning readings to students to finish at home and having them work on real-world problems in class. The goal of a flipped classroom is to promote student engagement and learning.

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