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Just say NO!

Have you ever been in a situation where you did something you shouldn’t have done? Did it become a regular habit of yours? Are you in a situation where you want to get out of it but you can’t?  If the answer for any one of these questions is ‘yes’, I must tell you that after you listen to the story that I am going to tell, you all will have the motivation to become a better version of yourself.

Once upon a time, there was a  college girl who was smart and independent. Like most people, she had a plan for success. Each day she strived to achieve her life goals. She had a strong and supportive family behind her. She was good in music, athletics and even in academics. And because of the type of person she was, she worked to improve other people’s lives as well. She possessed an ambition, leadership and passion. Her name was well known. It was a name that teachers praised and students admired. Most importantly, she made time for her friends. She had everything and she was perfect upto ‘one day’.

That one day her friends made a destructive decision. These decisions were clear to her as destructive back then. But she made one choice which demolished all she had worked for.


That was the reason for her destruction. It started as an occasional thing. Just some fun with friends until it continued to take over her. At first, it gave her a sense of numbness. A way to block all her problems, fears and worries. But soon it started overtaking everything. Her body. Her soul. Her sensibility. Her own being. It just did not stop there. She needed more.

Something to get her through the day without any consequence. Rejection filled herself one after another in every form. She was consistently being told that this was not her destined path and the pressure of meeting everyone’s expectations just made her want to do it even more. She lost the respect of her peers. She lost the drive she once had. She lost the trust of her family. She lost everything. She wanted to make all this right and she finally found that one person who could save her from this mess.

Do you want to know who that person was? Was it her mother? Was it her best friend? Was it her teacher or was it her partner? No, they were not the ones who saved her. It was her. She was the person who saved her own life.

Moral of the story is that we should always remember that only you can save yourself. All you have to do is  “ Stay ALERT and Just say NO!”

~written by Rtr. Jayani Hiripitiyage. Team A Rota Tomorrow

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