A Shred of Glass

Image courtesy: Pinterest

A shred of glass
An unbloom petal
Unleashed from its thorns
even before it blooms
A mysterious rider passing by
Thwack its petals
Crushed them into pieces
A shred of glass
She was
Wandering through dark
She saw the blight of light
She fell
Not back
But forth
To another foreigner
Her blood sanguine
So was her broken soul
Passing wandering
Passing wandering
Through mysterious times
Desperately in need of a compass,
None she came across.
Swinging, was all she could
Until her final destination,
Still unknown.
Is she over-passionate? Silly? Desperate?
Or a broken soul from a broken genesis, seeking for an artless love?

Co-Editor: Rtr. Ravindy Siriwardane

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