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Are we obsessed with Harry Potter?

To be brutally honest, I first knew about Harry Potter only after watching it on TV one random day. (so I guess I’m not worthy of being called a die-hard fan? Nice.)

I guess, the obsession for Harry Potter in the minds of all the children in Sri Lanka followed a similar plotline. December holidays; a joy to embrace with open hands, mostly because Sirasa TV had the same line-up of movies EVERY SINGLE YEAR. We would always watch Mouse Hunt, Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Mr. Bean etc. (No complaints, but seriously! Those movies on the local TV were our substitutions for Netflix) Despite knowing the movie almost by heart, we still watch them.

So, when I first watched Harry Potter, I was intrigued. I mean, a School of Magic? What’s not to like? And I can just use spells to do stuff. That’s amazing! That initial excitement drove me towards reading Harry Potter books.

Now you can’t stop me from making Harry Potter references or relating an event from Harry Potter or even still watching the movies. (I know, I’ve watched it only a million times already.)

Almost all of my friends are obsessed with Harry Potter. We always had time to discuss and interpret selected scenarios in depth. (In depth analysis, like critics.)

Now there are abundance of TV series and movies that cater to the audience that are baffled with magic and mysteries. So there’s a divided opinion on whether Harry Potter is the best thing to have ever occurred. I can’t help but wonder, is this Harry Potter obsession something that only our generation had and still have? (yes reader, you are from the same generation. How do I know? Magic!)

Are we drifting towards forgetting what HP means? Would there be a time where nobody would know about HP?

Crazy time ahead, indeed.

(Disclaimer: I know I wrote something about HP.  Still doesn’t make me a die-hard fan.😶 On a serious note, if you’ve still not completed the series. Go watch it already!)

Click on the video below and relive the memories 😉

Written by: Rtr. Famidha Faiz, Avenue of Community Service

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