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Are you challengehollic?

Why should one take a challenge? Is it because taking up a challenge requires extra effort or else Is it because when an individual learns how to overcome challenges all by themselves, this experience will be cherished as a life-long memory? Either way if one is ready to accept challenges as a life-long experience it will be a key for success.

Therefore ‘Internship’ obviously falls under this category where individuals work not merely for money yet most importantly for the work experience. Undergraduates who are always ready to work hard with or without being paid welcome all kinds of challenges as what they intend from any step, they decide to take is experience, experience and only experience. 

Joyce Carol Oates once said, “The distinction between “assistant” and intern” is a simple one: assistants are paid, interns are not. But of course, interns are paid, in experience.” The relationship between humans and money is inevitable, yet most undergraduates tend to overlook this urge to earn money and grab the chance to explore as an intern in a selected industry. This selection of money over experience itself is a massive challenge in this money-driven world. So, one might say that this choice of undergraduates is indeed worth appreciation, but the next question is can any person live or work while getting no money at all, nothing for their daily expenses? Because with the current trends and crisis engulfed in most parts of the world, money has become one of the most extinct materialistic things, humans will have to suffer without it in the near future or even now! Apparently, this choice itself will become a challenge for undergraduates because no pay is on one hand an empty pocket and on the other hand makes it hard for you to manage your expenses. 

So, is experience alone enough to run your routine life? Experience is a valuable aspect in life, thus, the free experience we get now might be the reason to earn well in the future. Yet on many occasions interns do not get the expected respect even if they give their 100% to every task they are being assigned at their workplace. This lack of respect in certain offices and officers in higher ranks than undergraduate interns will make the intern’s morale and spirit down. Afore stated is another challenge individuals: undergraduates, will have to experience in the process of reaching their targets. Yet, what we must keep in mind as undergraduates who will be experiencing an internship in the near future is that ‘good things take time to happen, and nothing comes in a bed of roses or served on a golden platter.’ Nonetheless if you are an undergraduate who is up for any challenge any time, internships are a call for the enthusiastic you! Buckle up and take the challenge to discover the hidden unstoppable intern within you.

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