Beyond the Border – Phase III

“We were born to help the Earth, not destroy it.”

Complex eco-systems and food chains in the environment provide unlimited assistance for the support of life, and we as humans benefit from being a part of it. In addition to the remarkable beauty it possesses, the wellness of the environment directly impacts the health of humans and other species. Any harmful alteration will bring adverse impacts to all species including humans.  For instance currently 2 million tons of human waste are disposed into water courses every day around the globe which not only threatens the lives of aqua plants and creatures but leads to water pollution as well. As a result people will be vulnerable to adverse health effects. Therefore in order to avoid such negative impacts environmental friendly goals have to be established and maintained.

In such a time, the Rotaract Club of Alexandria Marine Star took the initiative of a project titled “Save Earth Save Environment” which will strive to raise activities to serve the environment with the collaboration of 17 other Rotaract Clubs across the globe. These activities encompassed the three goals; Go green, Pure water and Media coverage. Each club was instructed to carry out two activities and the main focus of these activities should include recycling plastic and paper, cleaning litter, planting, green sessions for children, donating water filter and systems and last but not least sharing environmental facts for raising awareness.

Written by : Rtr. Ridma Jayasinghe (Editor)

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