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Dear Agony

A life once replenished by bliss

Haunted by your curse,

My soul now flooded with conflict

In pain and desolation, I immerse.


Uneasy are the goodbyes

Expected to say unrehearsed,

So I bury myself with lies

And mask a smile when I converse.


Thy firm and resolute endeavor

For the joyous memories to fade, 

Shadowing me forever

thou think I see no escape.


Despair and hate

Clothed for the spell you cast,

And so, you wait

Till I breath my last.


A rope or a blade, or maybe even a pill 

My future demise lies a wonder,

With eager but the absence of guilt

Till I meet the departed you ponder.


Triumphant and glorious by far

you consider yourself to be,

Yet mistaken you are

For it won’t be I, myself or me,


But my fate that decides

When I see the afterlife.


So Oh, Dear Agony

I write this to you,

with strength and dignity

and the blessings of virtue.


Through faith I refuse to yield

Hoping to see tomorrow,

And yours truly shall always seek

The beauty in the sorrow.  

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  1. Pavani

    I totally cannot believe what I just read 😩
    This was so raw, and beautifully penned!!
    Keep up the good work 🙌❤️

  2. Shanali

    Composed beautifully and so creative! 🥰❤

  3. Disna Amaratunge.

    Very nice piece of creative work. Proceed.Good luck.

  4. Shirantha

    Brilliant piece of work Master Adeesha 👏

    Keep up the good work 👍🏽

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