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I was walking across a river,

It was still water, nostalgic sounds of the surrounding.

And the dark evidence covering the environment,

Like a sheet over the atmosphere.

There were no birds, or bees on the beautiful flowers that were in full bloom.

It was lonely, dark, and isolated…

Suddenly, my feet felt something weird, strange, and scary…

Something was squirming in between my ankles.

I wanted to shout, but was too nervous to do so,

There was no one around and deep down.

I felt the waves of panic gush through the cells of my brain.

The darkness, the isolation, the fear has already conquered half of my mind.

My soul was empty, it had nothing to give or nothing to take,

When the panic started gushing through,

I pictured myself in my past,

Screaming internally with excruciating pain,

With no one to hold and no shoulder to lean on.

And then I realized this is something really miniature,

Compared to the things I have experienced.

I rose, opened my eyes,

Became bold and put my hands in the water,

Only to see two fishes playing around my legs.

Fear, Doubt, Pain can be hard,

Isolation is scary and the nostalgia surrounding it,

Takes a dark texture,

But don’t let doubt conquer you,

For you are strong, and willed

Let doubt claim no place in your heart.

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