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Why do we love cricket?

There is always a debate about the greatest game of all time, being from an Asian household there is no doubt about what the answer would be – CRICKET

My love for cricket started maybe as something unintentional, my entire household was (and is still) obsessed with cricket (also includes – screaming at the screen when players don’t perform their best) so it was only natural that even I was drawn into playing and watching cricket.

Playing was not only limited to bowling to my older brother so that he would bat all day but it also included throwing the ball on to the outdoor wall, so that I can practice my so called elegant batting strokes. Despite not having a school team for cricket, my obsession meant that my school interact club could take part in a 6-a-side cricket tournament (we lost, but that’s beside the point).

Cricket has the ability to bring people together despite of their differences in religion, culture or gender. Cricket will always be an amazing game that can only be understood if you have the love for the game. (Or else how hard can you try to get a person understand what LBW means?)

The game of cricket has improved so drastically from the introduction of new formats to heightened safety concerns. While World Cup matches will always remain at the top of my preferential list, Indian Premier League (IPL) matches are not far off. In matches like IPL, Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Big Bash players from different countries (including all our favourite overseas players) work together despite their international representations.

Imagine being able to create your own dream team of cricket players? (Sadly, it all works through a bidding process. If you’ve got money in your bank, then its easy peas!)

Lankan Premier League is a revived initiative that would focus on developing the talents of all young and upcoming Sri Lankan Players. Through LPL, we can find players that can represent the national team in the near future.

2020 ruined so many plans for all sports fans (postponed Olympics, t20 world cup), so the IPL which was held in UAE got a lot of viewers hooked to their televisions. It is in my opinion that, if we play our cards right and have competitive games in the LPL we can generate more revenue than expected.

You know you’re cricket fan when you make up an excuse to get home early so that you can mount yourself in front of the TV with a bag of chips. The exhilaration and excitement one feels cannot be put into words. (yet, I’m trying)

Sri Lanka’s greatest representation in Sports is of Cricket, it is what we are recognized for. SLC manages to take us on a whole new emotional roller-coaster (If you didn’t cry/complain/die a little inside when we lost the 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2012 cricket world cup matches, are you even a real fan?)

Ask any Sri Lankan of their favourite sport, most often the answer would be Cricket!

Written by Famidha Faiz

Community Service Avenue

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  1. Dinithi Lorensuhewa

    This is interesting !!! Cheers to many more years of cricket enthusiasm driving all the fans head over heels mad !!

  2. Himaya

    Interesting 🤩❤

  3. Sarani Halloluwa

    Awesome ♥️👏

  4. Nipuna Rambukkanage

    This is an A one ❤❤

  5. Sahan Silva

    Well written Famidha 🙌. Once, cricket was something defined Sri Lanka. I hope we’ll reach that level again soon.

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