Girls; me, them and us

You say that it’s cool to not be “like other girls”
Does it matter how you speak or how you do your curls?
What’s better in other colours than that of pink?
Or less cool in batting lashes than when you wink?
If the sneakers give you poise, to walk like a queen
Then why shouldn’t the heels that has sequins?
Does it matter who you love; a Mr. Darcy or a Stark?
Or some action or a thriller or a Nicolas Sparks?
There is no dire need to name the length of your skirt
Whether you dress for yourself, to impress or flirt
Be single, go casual or find your other half
Shouldn’t matter you’re quiet or have a cackling laugh
So you love a little glitter, to paint your lips red,
Read rom-coms at night, happy crying in your bed
Or you stroll around the city, play ball and run
And a night in a dance club, is your kind of fun
Spending time in your notes, or a lab or a book
Or you seek other-worlds, you travel every nook
Sis, they already have us in an age-old hold
To part and draw lines? Not a move too bold

Image courtesy:

Rtr. Shehani Welagedara

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