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Time Travel Across Education

Education is a treasure to pursue, a wealth of infinite benefits throughout the future. Every citizen of Earth inherits the right to education and indeed it is a path that would take one toward his or her dream destination. It is a golden tool that would carve your lives into the reality that your heart desires. 

This invaluable element has evolved into different forms over time and here’s taking you on a Time Travel across Education.

Get ready to take off to the past, BUCKLE UP!


Dear Passengers, 

We have reached our first destination; the past. But wait! This is not a past far from the present. A past where education was entitled to be in classrooms, a teacher is standing next to the blackboard writing and explaining the students who are all seated in rows with their heads bent towards the books and their hands inking words onto the pages of the books. Well, they had come to school before the morning bell and will be leaving right after the evening bell. Oh! There’s the timetable hung on the wall with all the subjects; it’s colorful. It is a spectacular sight to witness students wearing look-alike uniforms. The bond they share is evident as they talk, laugh, play and even have those little fights which for sure will be cherished as forever memories of school.
Well, my heart wants to live a bit longer in this past education to treasure these memories. But we can’t stay for long as we have to be moving to our next destination; the present.


Dear Passengers,

The present is quite different. There are teachers and students, but education has transformed into an entirely new platform. Classrooms are within computers and teachers are the host of the session where learning happens. It isn’t a place anymore but a space. A virtual space of exchanging education. The once books are now in the form of PDFs and digital documents. The pens and inks are dried up as students use the alphabet of the keyboard. It’s not the bell anymore. They share links to enter this space of education. Teachers still explain and enhance knowledge, but the blackboard is no more but the screen share stands high between the teacher and students. Something is missing… hmmm… oh wait. That bond of friendship is not evident in the present as it did in the past. Everyone is busy with a new bond with their digital device.
Life is easier at the present with wider access to knowledge, resources are in abundance and the paths of learning are vivid. But it’s just that little something that is missing. Can you guess what it is?  

Ops, it’s time to leave. We have one more destination to complete our journey. Towards the unknown!


Dear Passengers,

We are almost there. I barely can see it though. There’s so much changed but let’s get closer to have a better look on how’s education like in the future.
Oh! We are unable to enter the future.. there’s something unexpected… Looks like the future is yet building with the everyday advancement of technology and we cannot go into it.
But still, our imagination can take us anywhere.

What do you’ll think the future of education is like?

That was indeed a voyage of comparison. Education has evolved much differently from what it used to be and definitely will be subjected to immense change in the future too. What do you think caused and is causing this change? Hhmmm… yep, I thought the same too.

Technology is a magical wand casting a spell upon the timeline of education and upgrading it to the next level. The advancement of communication and technology will invent unimaginable tools and platforms for the development of education leading to a space of wide access to knowledge.

Learning is a forever journey. Whatever the form and changes, education still remain the most essential to sparkling up dreams, lives, and nations.

Hope you’ll had a great ride.

Keep pursuing education and celebrate Knowledge!

See you all in another ride. 

Signing off for the day.

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    Had a nice ride🚀👨‍🚀.

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    Amazing 👏

  3. Zahra

    The way it was brought down into words was simply amazing 👏🔥❤️

  4. Piravena Paheerathan

    Creative…brought a different perspective to the topic ✨✌️

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