Green Legacy

“Green Legacy” – Healing the wounds of nature we once created.

The eco systems of the world are dying out and the environment is under constant threat. As Rotaractors we believed that it is our responsibility to make an impact against this threat.

Together with the Rotaract Clubs of Universities of Peradeniya and Moratuwa, RCUoK joined hands to preserve the environment on the 8th of May 2016. The project included a re plantation on the Hanthana range. The selection of the Hanthana range itself depicted the importance it holds in the culture of our universities and the importance of protecting it to the generations of to come. The project included a hike in the range, which allowed the Rotaractors to reconnect with nature and add something for the future.

Project Green Legacy could be considered as the one of the best projects which served the green economy as it is a combined effort to revitalize the nature to the future and also allowed the Rotaractors to connect with Mother Nature. The project is also interwoven around the culture of the universities and the movement is a step towards preserving the legacy.

Written By : Rtr. Yoshana Premarathne (Secretary)



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