Hik’mas 2020

Rotaract is all about fellowship and team work. Rotaract is that unique and special place where we all get the opportunity of forming new friendships and renewing the old ones. So, Hik’mas 2020 was organized on the 31st of January 2020 at Achievers Lanka Business school, in order to refresh and strengthen the fellowship among Rotaractors representing ten clubs. We, as the Rotaract club of the University of Kelaniya is proud to say that we too have contributed to this project as a club representing the cluster 3. Our very own cluster coordinator Rtr. Desaree Soyasa was one of the chairpersons of this project who contributed to the success of the project.

This event involved many fun activities and the groups were formed in a random order so that everyone could engage with new faces and new experiences. Each group consisted of 3 members and the first task was to come up with a name for the team. The contestants were given one hour and thirty minutes to complete the tasks and the points were awarded according to the way in which they completed the challenges.

The equipments they got were a disposable garbage bag and a sum of 100 rupees to proceed with the fun activities. The challenges were based on environmental protection and team work. Apart from that, the activities focused on the areas of cognitive thinking, coping up with strangers in a new environment, good interaction between the team members and also between teams.

The UN sustainability development goals of,
• Peace, justice and strong institutions (Goal 16)
• Partnership to achieve the goal (Goal 17)
Were regarded in the course of the target completion.

Hik’mas 2020 was a well organized project which became a success due to the tireless effort of a well-formed organizing committee and due to the enthusiastic participation of many young, interactive Rotaractors.
The project not only was a good platform to renew and build up friendships but also a good opportunity for the Rotaractors to learn through experience about how to face challenges as a team.

Co-editor Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe

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