Piyumansala – III

“When your environment is clean you feel happy motivated and healthy.”
-Lailah GiftyAkita-

Life is a matter of being happy. To gain that inner peace and satisfaction, people do different things. Being religious make them feel happy and help them to reach towards different goals of their life. Clean and clam environment of religious places will make them concentrate and make them relaxed.


As the Buddhist teachings, cleaning temple is a privilege rather than a burden. It will no longer be considered as a burden but only as an opportunity to practice meditation which helps to grow in spiritual, mental and emotional strength. To make this effort a success, we as Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya, gathered and made our commitment to make the Piyumansala IV project into action at Sri Nagarukkarama Viharaya on the 29th of September. The project was chaired by Rtr. Kushani Hettiarachchi .

The project included clearing temple premises including Dageba, Budu madura, Bo tree area and other surroundings. Sri Nagarukkarama Viharaya is situated in Dalugama, Kelaniya is surrounded with a green environment with a lot of trees. Since the Katina pinkam season is nearing, our club members had to put our maximum effort to make the environment cleaner. Behind this collective achievement all the members’ commitment should be highlighted. The project was concluded successfully with the expectation of making the project Piyumansala a step ahead in near future. At the end of the day the ultimate goal of Piyumansala project that is, “to give something back to the world” was achieved.

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Written By: Rtr. Kushani Hettiarachchi

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