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Ho’ Ho’ Fest

Ho’ Ho’ Fest: A Fest to remember, a time to cherish 

It all started on a leisurely Saturday morning, 17th December 2022, when Ho’ Ho’ Fest was initiated to amuse the souls of Rotaractors during the Christmas festive season. It was a collaborative project involving five Rotaract clubs where the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya joined hands with the Rotaract Clubs of Crescent, Matale, Pune Vibrant East and Udupi with the slogan of “Tis the season of Togetherness”. The project was one of the main executions from the International Service Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya for December. It was hosted by the partnering club; the Rotaract Club of Crescent, which they acquainted via a letterhead exchange.

The logo revelation of the project was done on the 18th of December 2022, followed by a series of informative flyers across all the social media platforms of RAUOK. The date of this novel project of a DJ experience, solely on a virtual platform was revealed on the following day, 19th December 2022 and the registrations were opened for the Rotaract membership. The next flyer series succeeded in attracting local and foreign Rotaractors and non-Rotaractors to the event. The planning and the registrations of the project went nearly for ten days, with its start on 17th December 2022 and conclusion on 26th December 2022. 

Ho’ Ho’ Fest, the most awaited Christmas eve full of fun games and DJ, started at 10 p.m. via Zoom with the participation of an audience exceeding 50 persons, including Rotaractors as well as non-Rotaractors mainly from India and Sri Lanka. The event started with the games conducted by the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya. The eve became memorable with the interactive participation of the audience in the games such as “Mystery Box”. The aim of allowing youth to escape their tight schedules and academic pressure with fun games was achieved in this part of the event. 

The DJ session was next on the agenda and was performed by DJ Sparrow, a talented artist famous across India in the industry of events and DJs. The few hours of music contained songs of varying languages and cultures, which helped promote “International Understanding” among the participants. This part of the eve allowed the audience to look into each other’s culture while having entertainment. 

The few hours of music, fun and excitement made the eve memorable for participants and made Ho’ Ho’ Fest: A Fest to remember, a time to cherish. 

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