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Nightscape, the first open mic night which comprised of singing, rapping, mono acting, instrumental playing and duets was a collaborative initiative brought by the Rotaract clubs of Central Campus, FSD City Gold (Pakistan), Ibadan Oneireke Neighborhood (Nigeria), Kathmandu University (Nepal), Matale, Rathnapura, Sunway University (Malaysia), Trincomalee, Trujillo (Peru) and University of Kelaniya.

This fun filled event, being the first successfully completed project by the International Service Avenue of the Rotaract Club of  University of Kelaniya for the year 2021- 22 was mainly focused on breaking the monotony and the tension of the crowd, as everyone was having a hard time confined to a particular place.

That night was an escape for more than 300 individuals from the negative reality which everyone was experiencing due to the pandemic all over the world, providing them an ideal escape plan to get over the pessimism around them.

The participation was international, where a lot of students from overseas joined holding hands in cheering up the performers. The essence: the performers, each and every one of them personally should deserve an appreciation since if it is not for them, the nightscape would be just an ordinary night. 

The entertainers were picked from the collaborative clubs themselves and as one of the framers, we, the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya proudly enchanted the night with the highest number of performers. Among the singers, Rtr. Yasiru Thanthirige and Rtr. Dilini Nanayakkara did their best adding more color to the event.Also, the acting talents of  Rtr. Rusiru Chathurya and Rtr. Shaikh Dawood were really amazing. Further, Rtr. Anuki Basnayake’s instrumental won the hearts of  all participants.

The project concluded with a commendable success where all the participants conveyed their positive regards to the organizing committee. Nightscape was a brain baby of all the club members amidst hard work and effort.

~Rtr.Thedini Herath & Rtr.Januli Bandara~

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